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Article: What Does Love Look Like To You: 5 Brides Tell Us

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What Does Love Look Like To You: 5 Brides Tell Us

One thing about all of us at Euphorie Studios is we love to challenge each other and express our thoughts together on different subjects. We'll often ask each other questions about what we think of a dress, an idea, or a feeling and open discussion around different ways we see things.

We thought it would be a nice change of pace to ask some of our brides the questions we've all asked each other to see inside the minds of romantics like us. This week's question is, 'What does love look like to you?'

For total transparency: we did NOT edit any of these brides' words, and we made minor grammatical changes for readability.

Love looks like: A culmination of the small things

"It's a lot. It's coffee in the morning on my bedside table when I didn't even have to ask; he just made it and brought it in. It's being an active household member without me ever needing to ask, which is rarer than you'd think. It's the way he holds my lower back when we're in public, wrapping me with support and love, knowing my social anxiety won't get the better of me if he does these little things. It's the way he makes tea at night and brings me one too. It's the way he goes to the supermarket for toilet paper and comes back with toilet paper and a treat for me, not him, just me. Love looks like the little things. These beautiful, gorgeous little things that snowball into what we have today and will avalanche into a blossoming love I can't even comprehend tomorrow; because the little things build the bigger picture."

- Marina McLaughlin

Love looks like: The way he looks at me

"Love is the way he looks at me with those eyes that pierce my soul, making me feel like that silly, giddy school girl I was the day I met him. It's how his eyes light up when I'm excited, even if it's something that should not interest him. It's the way he laughs at my lame jokes as if I'm somehow the funniest gal alive. It's the way his eyes can restore hope and resilience in me in times of pain or discomfort. It's like that movie Scarface, "it's the eyes, Chico, they never lie." That's what love is."

- Vanessa Chan-Lau

Love looks like: Compassion + Understanding

"Love is compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Love knows we all have our moments and our flaws, we all make mistakes, and that it's okay because we can forgive and still love each other without losing that fire that burns so intensely. Love is taking the time to work through every moment, knowing we may not see everything the same, but we can help each other see from the other's perspective. Love is never-ending."

- Shah Dewan

Love looks like: Home

"Love is the way he feels like home. It doesn't matter what I go through in my day, or how rough work was, who might upset me, or what happens. As long as I come home to him, then that's what love is, and that's what home is."

- Kate Kulchetta-Lee

Love looks like: Teamwork

"Love is teamwork. It doesn't matter what we deal with or go through; we deal with it and go through it together. Love is knowing we're on each other's side, never opposing or in each other's way. Love is togetherness."

- Lauren Winger

What does love look like to you? We'd love to hear more in the comments below and keep these perspectives going!

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