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Article: 4 Things To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding

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4 Things To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding

You’ve done it all and hit the finish line. You’ve planned your dream wedding, married the love of your life, and had your honeymoon. You might wonder what to do with your wedding gown, so we’ve got four options for you after the special day.

Sell Your Wedding Gown

If you want to recover some of the cost of your wedding dress or do your part to have a more positive impact on the environment, you can sell your gown to another bride-to-be.

You can sell your gown on many platforms, such as Depop, StillWhite, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and wedding dress hire companies, among other options. While it’s unlikely that you’ll make your money back or make a profit, you’ll definitely recoup some of the costs you incurred buying your dress, which is always good.

Preserve Your Wedding Dress

If you want to save your wedding gown for sentimental reasons, you’ll first want to have it professionally dry-cleaned and preserved in plastic wrapping inside a garment bag.

It’s essential to ensure your wedding dress is dry cleaned so that any dirt, dust, or grime your gown may pick up on your wedding day during your reception or ceremony or when you’re partying your evening away.

Preserving your wedding dress gives you many options later on, such as wearing it if you want to renew your vows, having it framed as a keepsake, or passing it down to your children one day.

Turn Your Dress Into A Craft Project

If you have a working knowledge of a sewing machine, you could always turn your wedding dress into something that can be worn again. We’ve seen brides turn gowns into mini dresses to wear to events, bags, scarves, and other clothing items.

You could also dye your wedding dress into another colour, such as black, to create an evening gown you could wear one day in the future to a special occasion.

Find A Charity To Donate Your Gown To

There are a lot of organisations around Australia that will take pre-used wedding dresses and hand them on to brides-to-be or teens attending formals that are facing financial hardship and cannot afford a gown for their event, such as Tammy @ Formally Ever After in Ipswich, among other organisations.

If you are unsure of a charity or can’t find any local organisations, you can donate it to a thrift store so that another bride-to-be can get a gown at a highly cost-effective price point.

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