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Article: How Do I Quit Being A Bridesmaid?

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How Do I Quit Being A Bridesmaid?

When your friend, sibling, or other relative has asked you to be their bridesmaid, it may sound like a beautiful time. But for endless potential personal reasons, sometimes it's something other than what you're comfortable doing. 

Maybe it's social anxiety, and maybe it's a relationship that has some friction. You may not be able to attend the wedding for any other reason. Either way, you might have jumped the gun and said yes, and now you've regretted it. So, what do you do if you want to quit your role as a bridesmaid at someone's wedding? We've got you covered.

What do I do if I want to quit being a bridesmaid?

Decide ASAP

If you don't have it in your heart to be someone's bridesmaid, and you'd prefer to be a wedding guest or not attend at all, then it's essential to tell the bride as soon as possible. 

The longer it takes to tell the bride, the more likely decisions are made with you in mind, like purchasing items for the wedding, bridesmaid dresses in your size or other options.

Once you've decided that this role is not for you, you'll want to have a plan to ease the blow for the bride. There are three major questions you need to ask, which are;

  • How are you going to tell her?
  • When are you going to tell her?
  • What are you going to tell her?

When telling the bride you will no longer be her bridesmaid, we suggest doing this one-on-one and in person. 

How To Let The Bride Know

With anything in life, the biggest tip we'll always have is to be as honest as possible. It would be best to let the bride know why you're not into being a bridesmaid so she can replace you. Whatever your personal reason, take the time to communicate that to the bride.

It's imperative to have your reasons in order. When you quit being a bridesmaid, it can be emotional, and the bride may want to know why you're quitting. Having your reasons and responses ready will help you avoid a lot of painful moments.

Return your bridesmaid dress.

If you paid for your own bridesmaid dress, assuming you haven't had alterations carried out, you could get a refund on your purchase if you do not wish to keep it.

If the bride (or someone in the bridal party) paid for your dress, the best thing you can do here is return the dress to that person so that they can get a refund.

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