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Article: Wedding Photography Mistakes To Avoid

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Wedding Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Your wedding day will always be one the most important days of your life, but it is often such a whirlwind affair that you don’t get to live in the moment as fully as you’d like to. This is where looking back on your wedding photography is a great way to experience your wedding from an outside point of view.

With wedding photography, you’ll relive the emotions you felt, see how other people were at your wedding, and look through all those lovely, heartfelt moments.

With that in mind, it’s essential to choose the right wedding photographer to give you the best possible outcome from your special day, so we’ve created a list of the top wedding photography mistakes you will want to avoid on your wedding day.

Not Doing Enough Research

With all vendors you’ll hire at your wedding, you’ll want to do your research, and your photographer is no different. Take your time to review their socials, websites, google reviews, and similar platforms to see their work history and how they look. Doing your research is critical before hiring a wedding photographer. It’ll allow you to hire the right fit.

Social media and Google reviews are great tools for seeing what other brides are saying about a photographer and their work.

Not Attending Pre-Wedding Appointments

All wedding photographers will set aside time to sit with you and review everything you both need to know for the wedding. This will happen at least once (or more) before your wedding day, plus the initial meeting.

Meetings with your wedding photographer allow you to check in and settle all the details for the wedding, and you’ll be able to fill your photographer in on all the small details they’ll need to know.

Remember, these don’t have to be in-person meetings. If you’re having a destination wedding and using a photographer at that destination, you can communicate with them via FaceTime, Messenger Video Calls, or similar apps.

Not Communicating What You Want Clearly

While you’re hiring a photographer for their expertise and creative vision, it’s essential that you clearly communicate the things that you would like to see captured on your wedding day or how you want photographs to be taken so that you can get the best outcome for you and your partner.

Part of communicating with your photographer may include sending a ‘shot list.’ A shot list is if you have specific photos in mind that you want to be taken, you can send the photographer examples so that they can capture those for you.

Not Taking Your Time

Getting great photographs isn’t a quick and easy job, and sometimes it takes time, setup, and a lot of cooperation to ensure everyone gets the most out of the photography.

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