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Article: 5 Mistakes To Avoid Making As A Bridesmaid

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5 Mistakes To Avoid Making As A Bridesmaid

A friend or family member choosing you to be their bridesmaid can be one of the best feelings in the world. To many, it can feel like a rite of passage or a bucket list moment. To others, simply being there for their B.F.F. will mean the world to them.

However, when you say yes to bridesmaid duties, you'll want to know what to avoid so you don't make any mistakes along the way, doing the wrong things or creating unnecessary stress and worry. There's so much to think of, so much planning that you'll be a part of, and much to do. But don't worry; we've covered all the mistakes you should avoid making as a bridesmaid.

Don't Accept The Role If You Can't Commit To It

Being a bridesmaid can cost a lot of extra time and money that you might not have. If your B.F.F. asks you when life is just too hectic for you to handle, it's better to be upfront and let them know rather than not be able to be an active part of the process later on.

Avoiding the disappointment of saying yes and then pulling out is much harder to overcome long-term than simply saying, 'I'm sorry, I just don't have the time to commit to your wedding, and it deserves someone who can offer you their undivided time and attention.'

There is nothing wrong with honesty, and there's certainly nothing wrong with saying no.

Overspending or Spending Too Early

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive, and there will be costs you can't avoid, but sometimes it's better to take your time (within reason: don't be too last minute!) when buying things relating to the wedding.

Weigh up what's essential and what isn't, and be sure only to purchase concrete-planned ideas. For example, if the bride isn't 100% certain about her bridesmaid gown colours, wait to buy them until things are set in stone.

Not Listening To The Bride or Respecting Her Wishes

Sometimes a bride may make mistakes, and it's okay to pre-emptively warn her about them. And sometimes you might not agree with a bride on her course of action, but you'll find yourself having to go along with it. Regarding both things, it's always to be on the side of least resistance; allow the bride to make her decisions, and let her have the wedding of her dreams.

If you give the bride advice, and she chooses not to take it, you can't do much other than accept it.

Not Accepting The Dress

Sometimes being a bridesmaid may mean committing to wearing a gown you wouldn't personally choose, but if it's what the bride has dreamed of at her wedding, accepting the choice is part of being a bridesmaid.

Forgetting To Put Friendship First

The number one objective as a bridesmaid is to be a great friend. Always listen, support, and uplift the bride throughout her wedding planning journey.

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