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Article: Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 8

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Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 8

In our 'Ask Euphorie' series, we take questions from our followers on Instagram that other brides might find helpful or insightful, and turn them into a blog to share that information with everyone. This is the 8th instalment of our 'Ask Euphorie' series.

What is the average cost of a wedding dress?

One of the most memorable details of your wedding will be the gown you wear down the aisle; it's one of the defining details of your entire event, but it can be an expensive purchase and eat up a lot of your wedding day budget.

The average cost of a wedding dress will depend on a variety of factors, including all of the 'extras' that go into it, such as;

The craftsmanship of the gown: Some factors that go into the cost of a wedding dress are the hours spent crafting it, the fabrics used, the silhouette or style of gown you choose, and, unfortunately, with some brands, the size of your dress.

Custom wedding gowns will always cost more than an off-the-rack wedding dress because it requires substantially more time and work to bring to life.

At Euphorie, we do not change the cost of a gown based on a bride's size, nor will we ever add this into any costing at any point. However, some stores and brands raise the price based on the size, so it's important to note and consider when buying a gown or choosing a brand.

The alterations required: if you're buying a wedding dress off the rack, it's highly likely that you will need alterations undertaken to make it fit like a glove (humans are rarely a perfect standard size) or if you are going to customise an off-the-rack wedding gown by doing things such as adding sleeves, removing sleeves, or otherwise altering the dress from its original form.

The brand: Every brand will have its costing methods and its own perceived market value. For example, if you want a wedding dress from a brand like Berta, it will cost you anywhere from 10-40x more than a gown from a brand like J'Adore. So many factors will influence this, from the brands' name and reputation to the quality and fabrics used.

In 2023, with more competition in the bridal scene than ever before, the average cost of a wedding dress generally sits somewhere between $2000-$7000.

This is quite a large gap, primarily due to the ease of access for low-cost, low-quality manufacturing flooding the market. When shopping, it's essential to factor in budget AND the quality of what you're buying to ensure you aren't left with any regrets on your wedding day.

We recently had a few questions based on school formals so we will answer those here.

What's the difference between school formal and prom?

School formal and prom are the same thing; it's just that America calls it prom, while New Zealand and Australia call it the school formal, formal, ball, year 12 formal, or year 12 ball.

How old are people going to the year 12 school formal?

Year 12 is generally for people around ages 16, 17, or 18 in some cases. 

Where are school formals held?

Generally speaking, school formals are held at places like wedding reception centres, ballrooms, hotel convention rooms, resort convention rooms, or even on-site at the school in places like the Gymnasium or Auditorium, depending on the school.

Who pays for tickets to the school formal?

When it comes to who should pay for tickets, the general rule of thumb is that the person who's doing the inviting will pay for the tickets. If someone invites you, the ticket-buying will fall on them, but if you were to ask your bestie, it would be on you to pay for the tickets.

What are some alternatives to a traditional wedding dress?

Bridal Mini: While minis are on trend for reception gowns right now, you don't have to limit yourself to just wearing them at the reception. Many brides have had a dress designed or bought one off the rack to wear as their single incredible look on their wedding day.

Cultural Dresses: Gowns like Cheongsam, Aò Dái, and many more are a fantastic option to wear for the entire wedding, not just strictly for a cultural wedding if you're having both.

Black Dress: It's less common than a traditional white or ivory wedding gown, but it's still more common than being labeled a trend; the black wedding dress. A black wedding gown is an excellent choice for brides wanting something aesthetically different than the norm.

Anything You Want: Remember that it's YOUR wedding, and you can do absolutely anything you want, including wearing whatever works for you. Make your day as magical as you want it to be, and wear whatever sets your soul on fire.

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