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Article: For Lasting Memories: 9 Keepsakes From Your Wedding Day

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For Lasting Memories: 9 Keepsakes From Your Wedding Day

Our wedding day is one of the most memorable days of our lives, and we'll always wish it could last longer. So we wanted to show you how to make that dream a reality. Holding on to certain items from your wedding reception or ceremony can be a great way to keep the memories flowing into the future and allow us to relive our special day with a physical object! So, in honor of the theme behind our initial collection, 'Keepsake', here's 9 Keepsakes you can keep from your wedding day!

Your bouquet:
Keeping your bouquet after your wedding has wrapped up is a great way to keep an essential piece from your wedding moving forward. You can achieve many ways, including wax-dipping, air drying, and having the flowers pressed, among other options. For more, visit our previous blog on preserving your bouquet here.
Your wedding invitations:

Having your wedding invitations framed and hung on the wall after your wedding makes a perfect reminder of your special day. This is a relatively inexpensive process too. Picture frames can be purchased from many places (such as Office Works, Target, K-Mart, etc.) for under $20.

Your vows:

Writing your vows is often seen as writing the most crucial love letter of your life. Many brides and grooms spend hours, or even days, working on getting their vows just right for their wedding day. Once it's all over and you're now happily married, keep the paper you wrote your vows on as a keepsake! You can frame it and hang it up on the wall in your home or the nightstand next to your bed as a cute sentimental reminder as you navigate this new life with your love. Another option here is to re-write it more cleanly, and print + frame it, or go that one step further and commission an artist to write, draw or paint your vows onto something you can hang on the wall like a canvas.

Your guest book:

Your guest book is something you will need to get somebody close to you to keep an eye on after the wedding reception to ensure it doesn't get lost. Keeping your guest book is an excellent way to look back and remember all the loved ones that attended your wedding and makes a great keepsake.

The top tier of your wedding cake:

Throughout history, many brides and grooms have opted to keep the top layer of their wedding cake so that they can keep it in the freezer to save it for an anniversary, usually their first anniversary. It's a great way to be able to go back and relive your special day down the track and remember why you chose love in the first place.

An item from a micro-ceremony:

If you decide to include a micro-ceremony on your wedding day, keep one of the items! For example, if you have a candle ceremony, save one (or all) candle as a beautiful reminder of your special day. The same goes for a handfasting ceremony or any other type of wedding day ceremony you might choose to include.

Your wedding dress:

Many brides have opted to hold onto their wedding gowns over the years because it makes a great heirloom to pass down to their children as a reminder of their parents' wedding day. Just be sure to have it dry cleaned and pressed, then stored in an air-locked plastic bag within a garment bag.

Any personalized items for your reception:

When it comes to your wedding reception, you may choose to include personalized napkins, invitations, menus, cutlery, or glasses, depending on your budget and choices. If you have anything made personalized to you, be sure to keep a copy or two of each of them as a keepsake from your big day.

Love letters or cards:

If you and your partner decide to exchange love letters on your wedding day, be sure to take care of them and keep them after the wedding. It's common practice for brides and grooms to exchange a letter or a card on the morning of the wedding, and you can turn this into a keepsake for the future.

Have you thought about any other objects or items you plan on keeping from your wedding day or have kept? Let us know in the comments below!

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