6 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Day Florist

Finding the right vendors for your wedding can be one of the hardest things you’ll do in the planning phase. You want your day to be perfect and finding the right people to help you achieve that takes a lot of time and prep, today we wanted to help ease the stress of choice for you when it comes to florists. These are the questions you should always ask your potential florist in advance.

There’s a few details that we’d suggest you lock in prior to organising your wedding day florals. Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve taken the steps to lock in your wedding ceremony and/or reception venues so that you’ll be able to discuss what you’ll truly need with the florist. Secondly, having a finalised idea for your wedding gown is important so that you can match your flowers with your gown (and overall theme!). Once you have these locked in, you’ll want to start speaking, or meeting, with florists for your big day.

6 Questions to ask your wedding day florist:

wedding day bouquet on table with flower cutters 

What Is Your Availability On My Date?

The most important question you’ll have to start with is ensuring the florist will be available to provide their services on your wedding date. Many florists find themselves booked out long in advance so you’ll want to be sure they have open slots on your wedding day before you ask any other questions to avoid wasting anyone’s time.

How Many Weddings Have You Done?

Experience is important and finding the right individual will always come down to what they’re good at. Some florists are incredible at different types of arrangements but in your case, you need a florist experienced with wedding day flowers. Having a florist with experience will allow you to be confident in their ability to deliver exactly what you’re wanting at your wedding without worrying if a first-timer can pull it off!

Will You Be Able To Work Within My Budget?

Sticking within budgets is a stressful task when it comes to planning your wedding, so be sure to discuss your budget up front with your potential florists. Some may be out of your potential budget and knowing that up front is a good way to avoid any stress or pain in the long run. Be sure to ask if there are any unforeseen costs that can pop up too, while this is rarely the case, it is a good detail to lock in from the start.

It’s also a good idea to discuss ways your florist can potentially help your maximise your budget for the best possible outcome and to find out when you’ll need to have your deposit paid in order to secure their services on your wedding day. Be sure to double check if there is anything that could force you to incur additional charges too just to be on the safe side and ask your florist to go over everything covered in your payments to them just to keep everything clear so you know exactly what you’re getting or what you may need to source from elsewhere.

Bonus tip: enquire about your potential florists refund/rebooking process and policy. With the uncertainty of today’s world, it’s important information to have in advance, just incase.

What Flowers Will Be In Season & What Flowers Would You Recommend?

It’s important to be aware of what flowers will actually be available and in season around the timing of your wedding day. Ask the florist what flowers they would recommend based not only on the season of your wedding but florals that will keep you within budget. Additionally, make sure the flowers suggested match the theme of your wedding.

Who Will Be Doing My Flowers & When Will They Be Put Together?

Some florists have employees that will then create the florals for them, or potentially will need to outsource depending on their business model. Asking in advance just to be clear on the process is always something I like to suggest to brides. It’s also important to know when your florals will be put together and completed, this will allow you to keep everything on track and running smoothly for the planning of your special day. 

Are You Familiar With My Venue + Can You Do A Walk Through?

All venues are different, they each come with different obstacles and strengths, so it’s a good idea to ask if your florist is familiar with the venue you’ve chosen and if it’s possible for them to do a walk through of the venue with you to go over the plans you’ll both have for your wedding day. The florist may charge for this service, so be sure to ask if this will add any additional costs into the overall price.

Bonus Things To Consider:

If you’d like to have your bouquet preserved after the wedding, I’d suggest speaking with this prior with your florist to find out if it’s something that they can do, and if so, organising the best way to carry it out after the wedding.

It can be a great idea to send the wedding day florist of your choosing some photos of your dress, the bridesmaid dresses and maybe even fabric swatches if possible in advance, that way the florist can ensure a proper match with your wedding day theme and gowns.

Utilise social media - checking out a florists Instagram or Facebook page can be a great way to get a general idea of what they’re capable of. If they have Google reviews, be sure to read through those too. You can also ask the florist for photos of arrangements they’ve done in the past to see a more direct, less filtered look into their work.

Have a back-up plan in place: make a quick list of the florists you liked but didn’t go with once you choose your official florist. So many unexpected things can happen at a wedding, having potential back-up options can be a great stress reliever.

Talk to your venue once you’ve chosen your florist and have ideas in place, you’ll want to ensure there will be no restrictions on décor or installations that may stand in the way of your dream flowers.


Do you have any other questions you would suggest for brides-to-be to ask their florists? Let us know in the comments below!

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