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Article: Real Advice: 4 Wedding Day Tips From Real Brides

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Real Advice: 4 Wedding Day Tips From Real Brides

As part of our series, 'Real Advice,' we ask real brides questions for you and get real answers from brides who have been in your shoes before. This week, we asked brides for their tips on having a smoother, better wedding day.

Avoiding Things That Can Go Wrong

"When you're organizing what you'll pack to take to your venue on the morning of your wedding, or the day before if you'll be staying there, take a 'fix-it kit' with you. A recently married friend suggested I take a fix-it kit with me, and I'm so glad I did. When I put my gown on the morning before my wedding, everything was PERFECT until I walked through a doorway at the hotel, got my train caught on a spring, and ripped it. I can't even begin to tell you how much I panicked—let's just say many tears were shed. But, with the help of my fix-it kit, my mother-in-law could sew the small hole back together, and it wasn't noticeable at all on the day, not even in the pictures. I can't imagine what I would've done without it!

A fix-it kit will have things like a sewing needle and some thread. I asked my dressmaker for the color-matched thread for my dress after my friend told me about her fix-it kit. It also had some wet wipes, hairpins, sticky tape, booby tape, nipple covers, super glue, and some breath mints. If you're making your own kit, you can put anything you think will be relevant in there. Think of it as your first-aid kit for your wedding day!"

- Anna McLeod

Lean On Your Bridesmaids Team!

"Lean into your bridesmaids! This is something I think people don't do enough. You've chosen your team; they're your go-to B.F.F. for a reason. When the wedding is coming up, they can help you organize things, make decisions, run errands, go to fittings, bring snacks or coffee, and so much more. I had such a wonderful time planning my wedding because of my bridesmaids; they helped me with so many things, from coming to fittings and giving their feedback throughout my dress-making process through to one of my bridesmaids even picked my mum up from the airport because I had to be at my florist's studio to give the 'ok' on some last minute changes. Having the help goes a long way, but only if you're willing to accept it and rely on your team."

- Mandy Truong

Remember Your 'Why'

"I've been to so many weddings, and I've watched a number of them be planned as a bridesmaid for friends of mine over the years. One thing I saw sometimes was couples letting the planning stress cause internal conflict in their relationship during the planning. Obviously, it was never like, a 'break up' type of conflict, but it was just minor arguments and stress over what should be a common goal.

There's literally only one reason to get married, and it's your shared love for each other.

When you and your partner are in the planning phase, don't let things erode your love for each other, even in a minor way. It's important to remember that you're a team, and you must work together to plan this lovely day that will be enjoyable for both of you, creating memories that last forever."

- Jacinta Marks-Fetu

Live In The Moment

"When you're getting married, it's so easy to get so lost in all of the little details and the stress that comes with planning and carrying out a wedding that you forget to enjoy it at the moment. I watched two of my friends get so stressed out throughout their whole planning period that they didn't have the fondest memories of the lead-up to their wedding; I didn't want to make the same mistake. It was stressful, there's no doubt about it, but I made it my number one goal to live in the moment and realize I wouldn't be getting married to my soul mate again, nor would I ever plan my wedding again, so I wanted to love every minute of it.

I loved every stressful moment, every time I got a little frustrated and wanted to cry, or the times things went wrong, and I was up all night piecing it back together. But I also loved every happy moment, every time I crossed something monumental off my to-do list, every time things went right, and every time I had that realization of 'whoa!! I get to marry my dream man!' While planning it all out. Living in the moment was the best thing I could've done, and I hope all brides in the future do the same!"

- Tessa Tran

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