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Article: Everything You Need To Know About Fake Flowers For Weddings

boxes of fake flowers

Everything You Need To Know About Fake Flowers For Weddings

When it's time to plan a wedding, some brides opt to hire a wedding planner and avoid the hassle of organising everything on their own. However, most brides tend to plan their wedding to have better oversight of the budget and be the ones to make decisions from the start.

When you're in a wedding-planning mode, one aspect of planning you'll have to consider is the flowers, and floral arrangements, at your wedding. Many floral options exist, from bouquets to table settings, arches, or configurations around the venue. The first and foremost decision you'll make will be real vs. faux flowers. If you're considering fake flowers at your wedding, consider this beforehand.

There are many advantages to using fake flowers, such as not needing to worry about whether or not your preferred flower type is in season or not, or the fact that you can buy them in advance and tick it off your to-do list, saving time and energy in the lead up to the wedding.

The benefits of using faux flowers:

They're easy to maintain, and cleaning is simple.

They don't create mess via dirt, water, etc.

They last for years, while real flowers have a short lifespan.

They don't need to be watered.

They're perfect for people with allergies.

Set a specific budget.

If you've read any of our guide blogs, you'll know we say this a LOT, but it's imperative: always set a specific budget in advance, so you don't find yourself taking on financial hardships due to unforeseen spending later on.

With that in mind, when setting your budget, you'll want to set aside a specific amount for your flowers. The beautiful thing here is when opting for faux florals, you can save money if you do some of the work yourself.

Once your budget is locked in, use it to guide you to what is possible and limit what you can't afford when buying your flowers. Knowing that you cannot spend past a certain point helps you think INSIDE the box, which can be a good thing when it comes to budgeting.

Just because it's more cost-effective doesn't necessarily mean that your florals will be cheap; they'll just be more affordable than the natural alternative. When you're shopping around, make sure you can check in on the quality, whether this is by visiting the store in person or asking for a singular sample (you may need to pay a small fee for this) to ensure the level of quality is what you want it to be.

Remember the little details.

You've sorted your faux florals, but remember the extra minor details to compliment them. The extras will cost, so they should be factored into your budget and planning. These will be things like;

- Scissors

- Smaller detail-florals



- Glue

- Tape

- Vases or stands

- Archways to build from

You'll want to create a list of everything you'll need upfront, then do some individual research to narrow down the most cost-effective ways of achieving everything you need. You might buy some items from somewhere like Amazon, some from a store, or some from an entirely different place; the goal is to achieve the best look within your desired budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions: Faux Flowers

Are fake flowers cheaper than real flowers for my wedding?

More often than not, you'll find that faux florals are much cheaper than real ones. On top of the cost being less for the flowers, you can quickly DIY put them together to create your floral setups, cutting costs even further.

Using things like Pinterest, Instagram, and google image search, you can easily find floral inspo for your wedding, buy faux flowers and re-create things at home yourself or with friends.

How do I store fake flowers?

The storage of faux florals is one of the great things about having them as an option; all you need is a box to keep them out of sunlight. That's it!

How do I clean fake flowers?

The upkeep and cleaning of fake flowers are super easy—all you have to do is lightly dust them once every 4-6 weeks, and that's all it takes. If taken care of consistently and correctly, they'll last many years.

Is it bad to use fake plants at my wedding?

Many years ago, it could be seen as tacky due to the quality of fake flowers that were generally offered. They were cheap, plastic, not durable, and looked unnatural. But the faux floral industry has changed so much over the years that they look like the real thing in some cases and have become a viable option, but a popular one too, with brides using them at weddings worldwide.

How can I make fake flowers look more real?

When you're choosing artificial or fake flowers, with the right choices, they can look almost identical to their natural counterparts unless you're holding them. If you want to do everything possible to make them look as real and natural as can be, these few tips might help:

Invest in high-quality flowers

Keep your flowers clean (before and after the wedding)

Use quality-made planters, vases, or homing options

Can I blend Fake flowers with real flowers at my wedding?

Of course! You can do anything your heart desires 


How do I make a wedding bouquet out of fake flowers?

If you've decided to create a faux-flower bouquet for your wedding, you'll need an easy step-by-step guide to help you. Here's what you'll need:

  • Artificial leaves
  • Artificial floral stems
  • Something to use as a handle (birch bark is a standard option)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors or a wire cutter
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tape

Rules of thumb to keep in mind:

When cutting leaves off the stem, you'll want to cut them off the lower 2/3rds of the stem, so leaves are near the blooms.

  • Always use ribbon to secure your bouquet.
  • Use three stems of flowers as a base, then add stems to the base.
  • Once you've created your bunch, add in greenery or leaves to fill it out.
  • Different textures make bouquets more visually striking.
  • Don't use clashing colours; instead, opt for colours complimenting each other.

How To Make A Faux Flower Bridal Bouquet

Step 1: Always start with the basics; gather all the supplies you'll need, which we've listed above for you. The faux florals will be your choice, and if there's anything we've missed that you've decided to add (maybe an item of significance or something else), then be sure to add that to your list of things to get before you start.

Step 2: Pick 2 or 3 flowers that will serve as your base, trim extra leaves off each flower, and then add additional flowers you love the look of. 

Note: if your faux florals are tied together, cut the stems off each flower using your wire cutter or scissors to ensure you have flowers you can arrange later.

Step 3: Now that you've got your base and added extra flowers to create a look you love, you can secure the faux florals using tape. After the bouquet-in-progress has been tapped together, you can cut all excess stems off your bridal bouquet to create a cleaner look.

Step 4: Take whatever item you've chosen to serve as a handle for your bouquet, cut it to fit your palm, and then attach it to the stem of your bouquet using the hot glue gun. Afterward, wrap the handle with twine or ribbon to give it a clean finish and keep everything in place around the handle.

Ta-da, faux floral bouquet complete!

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