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Article: The Hottest Trends In Bridal Right Now

beach wedding featuring arch and draped fabric with flowers

The Hottest Trends In Bridal Right Now

Some of these are newer trends, and some are a continuation from last year; here are our 2023 wedding trends, from embroidered details and pantsuits to mismatched bridesmaids and Greece weddings. We've got this year's trends you should remember for your wedding.

Mini Bridal Gowns/Mini Reception Dresses

Short wedding reception dresses are on trend right now, with higher hemlines breaking through into the bridal world as a must-have second wedding dress for your reception or even as an only-dress option for the modern bride wanting something non-traditional, chic, and trendy. 

Designer short wedding dresses are the rave right now for their elegance, relaxing vibe for pure comfort, and something modern that feels new and unique. 

The versatility of the bridal mini has been a driving force behind its trending status. Whether it's a short reception dress for a bride, the main wedding gown, or a hens party mini, it works with so many styles of weddings, from beach or oceanfront festivities to an intimate backyard wedding or a chic cityscape modern affair, the mini is perfect here, there, and everywhere in between. 

Bridal mini dresses lead the way for many brides when changing after the first dance to something more functional and comfortable, so you don't have to spend the whole night in a heavier full-length gown.

The beauty of the bridal mini or short reception dress is unlimited options, much like your typical wedding gown. From 3D floral or geometric beaded lace to traditional fabrics like tulle or mikado, ruffled lace, or anything else you can set your imagination to. The silhouettes are much the same; sleeveless, strapless, bubble hems, long sleeve, V-neck, U-neck, low-back, full coverage, or anything else you can think of; it's all perfect.

bubble hem mini dress with curved neckline

Wedding mini dresses, bridal minis, and reception minis are our favourite trend this year!

Embroidered Details

Specifically, with veils and gloves, we're starting to see an uptick in brides opting for embroidered details, wording, and beadwork—the passion for embroidered details caught momentum with Hailey Beibers' Off-White wedding gown by Virgil Abloh worn at her wedding to Justin Bieber and hasn't slowed down since.

While embroidered details are beautiful in their own right, they bring elevated elegance and romantic beauty to any wedding attire by adding customizable messages. Some brides go for initials, like 'J + L 2022', bridal statements like 'til death do us part, or 'forever more' among the endless options. Personalizing anything is a gorgeous touch to your wedding attire, but these details are catching fire with bridal trends this year.

Intimate Weddings, Micro Weddings, and Elopements

Intimate weddings with minimal guests and elopement weddings are trending upward yearly as couples push against weddings with excessive budgets, guests, and venues that don't suit their ethos. Generally speaking, guest lists are getting smaller and smaller year over year because couples intentionally choose to have only those that are genuinely close to them at their weddings.

Non-traditional Bridal Ensembles

As time passes, many of us change our minds on how we feel about traditions, and the 'big white DRESS' is becoming one of those traditions some are opting away from and instead choosing to wear different bridal ensembles like a pantsuit, capes, black wedding dresses, blue wedding dresses, and much more.

When choosing wedding attire, it may feel like there are rules or traditions you should follow, but ultimately it's all up to you and your personal preference: wear what makes you feel unique and beautiful and feels like 'you.'

Sustainable Weddings/Eco-Conscious Weddings

It's only natural that in a world where we have information at our fingertips every day, the younger generations of husbands and brides-to-be are opting to have weddings that lean in on eco-conscious choices, opting for venues and vendors that are environmentally friendly and fit their own personal ideals.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

While bridesmaids were initially a concept created to distract spirits from finding the bride on her wedding day many, many, many years ago by wearing matching dresses with the bride, in today's world, the bride wears her wedding dress, and the bridesmaids all wear a different matching dress. Lately, we're seeing brides give their bridesmaids directions to forego matching gowns or colors and pick things that allow each bridesmaid to be unique. 

Bridesmaids having the freedom to pick their style, color, or both add an even better level of comfort, personal taste, and personalization to any wedding day.

Destination Weddings

Now that the world has, by and large, opened again everywhere for travel and tourism, we're seeing so many couples opt to have smaller and more intimate destination wedding/vacation combos. The endless options of gorgeous and unique locations allow couples worldwide to have weddings in dream locations like Italy, Fiji, Bali, Las Vegas, Ireland, The Maldives, and just about anywhere you can think of.

Exuberant Appliqué

Giant center-back bows, large 3D floral appliqué, and similar exuberant effects are currently on trend. While we're unsure how long this trend will last, it's yet to slow down. Brides love structured mikado gowns with statement bows, delicate flowing tulle with 3D floral appliqué, or minis using these same elements are all the rave in bridal right now.

Bridal Gloves

Wearing gloves as part of your wedding day ensemble is a fast-growing trend in the bridal industry in 2023. A classic accessory that will always feel timeless, elegant, and sophisticated to elevate your look. Gloves are making a comeback thanks partly to a mixture of Kate Middleton, Bridgerton, and a growing love for all things vintage.

Bridal trends tend to cycle in, and out, at times. Bridal gloves are one such example.

Reminiscent of iconic women of the past like Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly, bridal gloves are a timeless trend, creating a vintage-style romantic look for brides and bridesmaids alike. Their versatility allows gloves to go with almost any bridal style you can imagine—the perfect accessory, thanks to the endless options of bridal gloves, including;

  • Floral embellished gloves
  • Oversized ruffle gloves
  • Wrist-length gloves
  • Extra-long bridal gloves
  • Sheer wedding gloves
  • Opera-length bridal gloves
  • Short bridal gloves
  • Elbow-length bridal gloves, and much more.

High Splits On Skirts

High splits in skirts are everywhere right now, which is always good. Thigh-high splits are a great way to add some drama and flare to your wedding gown, creating an edgy, modern vibe to your dress.

strapless wedding dress and white heels worn by bride with veil in her hair

Bridal trends that aren't slowing down in 2023: Beaded wedding dresses

Okay, these aren't exactly new, but they're on fire now more than ever. Brides are opting to go for heavily beaded 'bling' gowns to wear down the aisle and make a statement, and if you've been watching our Instagram over the last year or two, you'll see why. 

While these beaded wedding dresses can be more expensive, they create a unique look and make some epic wedding day photography moments, too, when the beads and sequin details shine under the lights.

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