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Article: Q&A: Ask Euphorie: Vol. 2

draped fabric on dress form inside Brisbane bridal studio

Q&A: Ask Euphorie: Vol. 2

At Euphorie Studios, we often get asked various questions from brides, emerging designers, and people from varying interests of life, weddings & fashion. However, it recently occurred to us that we tend to answer these directly in private. So, today, we wanted to start a series where we take questions over on our Instagram stories and compile them into a blog post to keep an archive of them for anyone that may have the same question in the future!

Q: What do I need if i'm getting alterations done?

A: We've previously uploaded a blog on tips for alterations here. However, in a condensed form, we'll give a few surefire tips. Firstly, bring your dress in. We cannot provide any information, consultations, or make judgments based on photographs. We will need to see the wedding gown physically to discuss the possibilities of the bridal alterations you may have in mind. Any alterations we take on, we hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, so by seeing the dress physically in person, we can explain exactly what is possible and how it will be done so that you'll have a clear idea of what's to come. Secondly, you'll want to bring along any undergarments (they may affect the fit of the dress) and the shoes you'll play on wearing on your wedding day so that hem lengths can be exact and you don't end up having to get alterations done multiple times!

Q: Why are wedding dresses always white?

A: While some brides will choose to wear a gown on their wedding day that isn't white, its become quite the tradition. It's been traced back to Queen Victoria's wedding gown in 1840, where she wore a silk-satin and white lace wedding dress. Before that, wedding dresses were generally red as a white dress was symbolic of mourning the dead. However, Queen Victoria wasn't having any of that and wanted to be a trendsetter.

Q: Who pays for the wedding dress?

A: Traditionally speaking, the Bride/Bride's family pays for the wedding gown, although we're seeing it become the norm for the bride and groom to pay for everything themselves more and more lately. 

Q: What do I do if I have to postpone my wedding after everything is already booked?

A: The starting point to think about here is communication. Contact all your vendors and discuss the postponing of everything and how that will work out on their end. Then, you'll need to figure out a new date that will give plenty of time for things to even out and get back to normal while also fitting the schedules of not only you and your partner but also your celebrant, venue, catering, etc. 

Q: I've seen you post about 'custom' dresses, and then you sell dresses on your website. What's the difference?

A: This is a great question - a custom gown by Euphorie Studios is a collaborative effort between our Head Designer, Keoula, and the bride that chooses us. It's a unique one-off gown made specifically for you and will not be created again by us for anyone else. On the other hand, the dresses we have on our website from the 'Keepsake' collection are made and designed by Keoula and the team and sold in limited numbers. We don't mass manufacture our gowns. Everything is done by hand, and because of that, we keep the numbers limited to only a few of each style before we take them down for good. For example, we had some gowns in our initial collection drop that has since been removed from the website after a limited number of brides purchased them. 

We hope some of these answers will provide some insight or help people with questions they may have, and if you have any questions you'd like to see in our future episodes of Q&A, drop a comment here or send it to us on Instagram!

Stay safe & take care.

-Team Euphorie 

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