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Article: Euphorie News: August & September Round Up

bride in wedding dress holding bouquet at park

Euphorie News: August & September Round Up

A lot is going on at Euphorie at any given time, so we're starting a new series covering recent news. I'll be covering all the information, including updates to our estimated turnaround time, questions we have been asked, recent projects or real weddings, and much more.

Closing our books for custom wedding gowns

We've recently decided to take a break from custom couture wedding gowns to focus on getting more of our own designs and collections out into the world. We shared an update on our Instagram, but I want to take you through more of the reasoning behind our decision and alleviate any concerns.

Firstly, someone wondered if we were closing down; I cannot stress this enough: Not even remotely. We currently have the most employees Euphorie has ever had, and we're not slowing down. The future of couture wedding gowns for us has nothing to do with ability or business; it's about limitations on what we can offer and our desire to provide more affordable wedding gowns.

As a brand and humans in general, we pride ourselves on being inclusive in every way we can. Lately, we have had to pull back on offering new made-to-order designs as we've been so overwhelmed with custom made couture gowns. Our couture custom wedding dresses usually take hundreds of hours per gown, and with many brides getting married weekly, our design team hasn't had the time to design, and the seamstresses haven't had time to make up samples so we can show you what we've got at the studio.

With that in mind, we want to offer a diverse range of wedding dresses for all budgets, especially for brides that may not have the budget for a custom wedding dress but still want a gown that is well made and crafted in their neighborhood, supporting women like them who create these gowns. That's why we've closed our books to custom; to give us more room to design and develop new dresses.

This leads us to our next piece of news: What's coming next?

Euphorie 2022: Drop 2 + Euphorie 2023 - Bridal & Formal Dresses

After the launch of our Once Labeled plus size formal dresses range, we spent some time creating the 'Reveries' bridal collection and our 2022 elopement and wedding reception dresses collection. With 2023 on the horizon, we're looking to double down with our upcoming Euphorie formal dress collection + our forthcoming bridal collection.

While we can't give out too much information just yet, we will start sharing some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into our process on Instagram very soon.

All products we'll release will be available at our showroom to try on and can be purchased online and made to order right here at our Brisbane studio.

We've been posting some recent projects on our blogs too! Emiliya was recently married in Canada, wearing her 'Madison' Mini from the Euphorie 22: Drop one collection. You can view more of how her dress was made here. Or a peak into her wedding day here. We've also shared Nhi's final fitting in her custom gown here.

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