Final Fitting: Nhi's Custom Wedding Dress

Nhi's Unique Wedding Dress

Nhi's custom wedding dress features detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves so that her gown could transform into a sleeveless dress for the reception. This custom one-of-a-kind wedding dress was also equipped with an in-built hidden corset for structure and support.

woman buttoning up internal corset inside womans wedding dress

woman buttoning brides wedding dress up

woman buttoning up a brides dress

designer fitting detachable sleeves onto wedding dress

detachable sleeves on womans wedding gown

two women buttoning bride into her wedding dress in front of studio mirrors

seamstress straightening out brides dress as she sits on chair

woman wearing wedding dress sitting in chair in front of racks of gowns

bride in dress walking in front of racks of wedding gowns

bride posing in front of mirror in showroom with bridesmaid holding out veil behind her

happy bride smiling in her wedding dress

seamstress fitting wedding veil on womans head

A special thank you to Nhi for allowing us to document and share her final fitting in her custom made wedding gown at our studio.

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