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Article: Making The Dress: Emiliya's 'Madison' Mini Wedding Dress

womans hands holding fabric next to sewing machine

Making The Dress: Emiliya's 'Madison' Mini Wedding Dress

Knowing where your dress is made should matter to you, so when Emiliya ordered our 'Madison' gown for her Canadian wedding, we decided to take you through a visual journey on how the dress is made.

From pattern-making to sewing, some of our team of skilled artisans created Emiliya's 'Madison' mini wedding dress in Brisbane at the Euphorie atelier, before it was sent over to Canada for Emiliya's magical wedding day.

woman pattern making a wedding dress with ruler pen and pattern paper

woman drawing next to pattern paper with fabric bow and ruler

hands holding fabric by sewing machine

hands moving fabric through sewing machine

seamstress sewing fabric squares

seamstress moving wedding dress under needle of sewing machine

woman moving bow through sewing machine

woman using sewing machine

All images were taken at our Brisbane bridal studio, in real-time, during the making of this gown for Euphorie Bride Emiliya.

You can see this gown on Emiliya at her wedding here.

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