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Article: Inside Euphorie: How We Name Our Gowns

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Inside Euphorie: How We Name Our Gowns

From day one of Euphorie Studios, we've had one question come up over and over again: "How do you name your gowns?". This blog will give insight into how we name our gowns, where names might come from, and the inspiration behind some of our dress names.


The way our custom process works, with multiple fittings to get the perfect body fit, we spend a lot of time with our Euphorie brides. When we're working on a collection while still taking on bridal projects, we often allow brides to see sneak peeks into the process, try on gowns, or see our work as they come & go. This process of working so closely with brides means they inspire the names of dresses, such as;

'Tina' - Throughout the design and creating process of our 'Tina' gown, we spent a lot of time doing fittings with Euphorie real bride Tina, so the name just stuck.

'Lucy' - The 'Lucy' dress was inspired by Euphorie real bride Luciana and her own custom wedding dress, becoming a reimagined version of Luciana's gown.

'Ellicia' - The 'Ellicia' dress was designed and made during the final stages of Euphorie bride Ellicia's custom wedding gown coming to life. When we created Ellicia's dress, we also made her a custom mini for her wedding reception and a custom bridal robe, so we spent a lot of time with Ellicia at the studio. By coincidence, we were creating this other collection gown, and it just felt right to name it after the woman who inspired it!

'Mia' - during the 'Keepsake' collection, we spent a lot of time with our bride Mia while creating her gown. After impromptu photoshoots to test gowns on her, the 'Mia' dress gained its name.

'Hana' - Another dress inspired by the timing of a new collection launch combined with the bride's fittings and aesthetics matching the gown, the 'Hana' dress from our early 2022 elopement and mini dresses collection was named after Euphorie bride Hana.

This is a small list of countless gowns we've named after brides. There have been too many to list, including others such as 'Nicole,' 'Carina,' 'Kim,' the 'Valene,' and 'Isabell' gowns are named after two Euphorie real bride sisters and so many more.

Netflix, TV & Movies

It's no secret both Keoula and Leanne are Netflix addicts, and we're not talking about a show here & there; we're talking about bingeing an entire TV series because they can't press pause. During collections, characters from TV shows & movies can inspire the names behind gowns, such as:

Vanya: Straight out of the Umbrella Academy, IYKYK.

Margot: This gown was inspired by and named after famed Australian actress Margot Robbie.

Enid: Our 'Enid' gown from the Keepsake collection was named after a character from the TV show 'The Walking Dead.'

The Models Who Wear Them

Before we start doing photoshoots for collections, the models we work with spend time with us at the studio for fittings to ensure the samples are made well.

We make dresses on actual human bodies so that they don't go from a dress form or mannequin onto a customer's body without all the quality control checks you'd expect from us. The models often inspire the gown's name when we see them wearing it, such as 'Christina,' 'Kristen,' 'Nikita,' 'Emilie,' 'Elly,' and countless others.

There's a wide range of other ways gowns can earn their names, including:

  • Team members choose a name they like or relentlessly ask the designers to name a gown after them. An example of this would be the 'Joelle' dress. If you've ever reached out and spoken to us on social media or via email, you've met J, who named the 'Joelle' gown after themselves.
  • People we meet along the way are also a constant stream of inspiration for naming gowns, from industry events like fashion shows to bridesmaids of our brides. We often let the gowns choose their name by asking, 'who does this dress remind us of?' or 'who comes to mind first looking at this wedding gown?'
  • Friends and family of team members often inspire gown names. An example of this would be the 'Annabella' dress from our 2022 capsule collection, named after the sister of one of our photographers.

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