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Article: Bridal Robes: Everything You Need To Know

bridal lace on womans body

Bridal Robes: Everything You Need To Know

Bridal robes are bridal-themed ones worn by the bride and her bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding. It's a great way to accessorise the wedding event by having something to wear in photos of the 'getting ready' phase of the wedding morning.

Bride + bridesmaid robes are a gorgeous way to prepare for the wedding in style. Also, comfort while looking chic and allowing the bride-tribe to have a uniform outfit vibe before the bride enters her wedding gown and the bridesmaids enter theirs.

What is a bridal robe for?

The most common purpose of a bridal robe is to provide a clothing garment from the moment you wake up on the morning of your wedding until the moment you put on your wedding gown.

Bridal robes allow you to accessorise your wedding day further look with something bridal in style and comfortable while still matching your overall vibe.

Many brides will take 'getting ready' photos on the morning of their wedding, so a bridal-style robe is the perfect garment to wear during this period.

While some brides may opt to wear some basic P.J.'s or a t-shirt, others want something more elegant and romantic on the morning of their wedding. It can also be worn during pre-wedding photoshoots, saved for a maternity shoot if you'll be doing that, or just kept to wear every morning around the house.

Does the bride buy the bridesmaid robes?

Traditionally speaking, brides do cover the costs of robes for their bridesmaids. It's considered a thoughtful gesture and a cute yet optional accessory for the wedding day.

However, all weddings are different, and while the bride traditionally pays for them, that can sometimes be different. If you're a bride that would prefer your bridesmaids to pay for their robes, then we suggest open and honest communication with a sprinkle of advanced notice.

Letting your team know that they will have to purchase their robes ahead of time and that while you know, it may seem like an optional purchase, it is something you'd prefer everyone wear together while getting ready. It'll be something your B.F.F.s will be open to doing without resentment or annoyance.

Be sure to link them to wherever you'll buy your robe, so they can buy theirs to match.

Does the mother of the bride get a bridal robe?

Many brides may also pick out a robe for their mother if she spends the morning of the wedding with her daughter, especially if Mum will be part of the morning-of wedding pictures. Robes for the bride's mother are a great way to allow such an important woman to feel honoured, included, and part of her daughter's most important day.

Do bridal party robes need to be matching?

There is no right or wrong answer here; it will all come down to an individual choice. However, generally speaking, it's more common for everyone to wear matching robes as bridesmaids. Sometimes the bride will wear a different type of robe, but you'll also find the bride matching her bridesmaids on robes.

Where can I buy a bride robe or bridesmaid robe?

We offer a selection of choices online via our website. However, you can also search places like Etsy or use Google to find local businesses that will have bridal party robes on offer too.

Discover the Perfect Robes for Matching Bridesmaids' Style.

These are some of the robes we offer at Euphorie Studios:

woman running hand through her black hair wearing robe

Our 'Valerie' kimono-style bridal robe. 

We offer robes made-to-order in different lengths and styles, available online or via our showroom.

Euphorie Studios is home to high-quality bridal party robes, available online with express shipping options. Complete your wedding morning photos with our gorgeous bridal party robes, handcrafted by our team of artisanal seamstresses at our Brisbane bridal atelier.

bride wearing long ivory wedding day robe with long sleeves

Our 'Olivia' full-length, long sleeve bridal robe.

Our bridal robes are the perfect accessory for the morning of your wedding day, also serving as a cute & meaningful keepsake you can wear in the future. Euphorie bridal robes will make your wedding morning unforgettable with our chic show-stopping designs crafted in luxurious fabrics.

knee length bridal robe with waist band on woman

Our 'Lauren' short bridesmaid robe.

For bridal party robes, bridesmaid dressing gowns, or robes for brides, we've got precisely what you've been searching for with our bridal robes, made from the highest quality fabrics, ethically handcrafted inside our Brisbane atelier. 

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