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Article: How To Make Planning A Wedding Less Stressful

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How To Make Planning A Wedding Less Stressful

Taking The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning.

Even if you're the calm, tranquil, zen-like bride, your wedding will bring about great stress. Wedding planning stress is, unfortunately, just part of the journey; there are so many facets of planning a huge day to be considered and so many moving parts that you have to keep on track.

We've spoken to many brides who have dealt with feelings ranging from overwhelmed or stressed to upset or depressed. When you think of your wedding, these aren't generally feelings you would associate with a time of love and togetherness; with a little help, these are things you can avoid.

If you've been feeling stressed while planning your wedding, or you're preparing before you even start your planning phase, we've got you covered with our tips to help make your wedding planning less stressful.

Have A Backup Plan or Plan-B When Planning Your Wedding

When you map out the most fabulous day you can imagine, take a little more time to map out a plan B in the event that any of those aspects fall through. While we all want our first choice to be the outcome, sometimes, it doesn't work that way.

The art of knowing you have a backup plan can ease a lot of those anxious feelings and stress you might be facing.

Make Decisions & Commit To Them As You Plan

This sounds much simpler when it's written down, but making decisions and sticking to them is very important and more difficult than you'd think. However, once you lock in aspects like vendors or suppliers and make concrete decisions, it becomes another 'thing' crossed off your list, which will lead to less feelings of stress or anxiety.

As you commit to decisions and cross them off your list, you'll start to see the finish line, so to speak. The closer you get to everything being done, the less there is to stress about!

Think About What's Important And Prioritise That

When you're planning a wedding, it's important to prioritise what are the essential elements of your special day for both yourself and your partner.

For some couples, it might be their wedding day attire + accessories; for others, it will be photography or the food, and everyone will have their own priorities. When you make a list of what to plan, start with the things you want to prioritise most so that you can lock those in first. Getting the most crucial aspects down will create a less stressful environment in the long term.

Do It For The Memories, Not Social Media

In the modern era, it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to appear a certain way on social media or live up to expectations, but the ultimate truth is that your and your partner's opinions are the only ones that matter. Create a wedding day that makes your soul sing, makes you happy internally, and is everything you dreamed it to be, and it'll look like a dream come true on IG, too, because true feelings always win!

Schedule Stress-Free Breaks

Throughout your wedding planning process, take the time to schedule some non-wedding-related activities with your lover. Whether it's something like a mini vacation, just a day trip somewhere, or even going to the movies, be sure to make time for your mental health by spending quality time together.

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