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Article: Second Wedding Dresses: Everything You Need To Know

bride wearing mini dress dancing with husband at wedding venue

Second Wedding Dresses: Everything You Need To Know

 When choosing a wedding gown, most brides have so much fun that they often wish they could do it again. So, for those wanting an extra outfit for their reception, want multiple outfits' looks' to stay up with fashion trends, or want something more comfortable to dance the night away, a second dress for your wedding is exactly what you need.

What is a second wedding dress?

A reception dress is what brides refer to as their 'second dress' or 'second look,' it is a gown, pantsuit, or other outfit that brides will change into after their wedding ceremony.

A second dress allows you to try something different than what you chose for your wedding gown, continue the theme with something similar, or wear something that will make you more comfortable for the party portion of your wedding.

Second Dress For Wedding: It's 2023's Hottest Trend

What colour is a second wedding dress supposed to be?

When it comes to a second look, you can wear any colour or style of wedding dress you feel most comfortable in. However, with that in mind, brides typically wear white for their second dress to match the details they chose alongside their wedding gown or to keep things traditional.

No rule states your wedding reception dress must be white; some brides want to take the chance to add some colour to their wedding or wear something out of the ordinary compared to what you would expect at a wedding.

Do brides wear a different dress for the reception?

One question many brides have is when they opt for their outfit change. It's become common for brides to swap into a second gown for their wedding reception to have a dress that's easier to party the night away or feel more comfortable in when they're dancing and eating.

Second Dress For Wedding Reception: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear a second dress at my wedding reception?

As always, everything is a matter of subjective personal opinion. However, if you're looking for a second option to change out of your main wedding dress or if you want to switch gears and get into something more suited to dancing the night away.

What is a second wedding dress called?

A second wedding dress is more commonly referred to as a reception dress. It's a trend growing in popularity yearly, refusing to slow down, and quite frankly, we love it!

Having the second dress opens up all possibilities for styling two looks for your wedding day: a ceremony gown and a reception dress.

Is it normal to have a second wedding dress?

It's become common for brides to wear a second alternate dress for their wedding reception. While it's not mandatory, it's a versatile option for brides wanting something different for their reception.

Do I have to wear a short dress for my reception?

Wearing a short dress is not mandatory for your wedding reception, and it can be a short wedding dress for sure; however, it can also be a slip dress, a plain gown, or just another wedding gown in general.

What are some examples of styles for a second wedding dress?

There are many options and variations of skirts and tops you can mix to create your dream mini, but here are a few to consider for your special day.

Lucy: U-neck top with a fitted skirt in beaded lace

bride wearing beaded mini dress with fitted skirt and u-neckline

Euphorie's real bride Alana wears Lucy to her hen's party. Lucy is our U-neck fitted bridal mini, crafted from luxurious cascading beaded crystal lace and sequins.

You can shop our 'Lucy' gown here.

Trish: V-cut out neckline with bubble hem skirt in Mikado

bridal mini corset dress with bubble hem on dress form

This unique mini dress has become iconic for its chic bubble-hem style skirt. Trish is a 'life of the party vibes' second dress option to bring you into a new era of sophisticated cool.

You can shop our 'Trish' second mini dress here.

Nikita: Sweetheart neckline on a corset top with a lantern skirt in floral lace.

rose lace lantern dress on woman in Brisbane studio

Something so delicate, sweet, and unique. The 'Nikita' lantern gown features stunning floral embroidered lace over a corset bodice and sweetheart neckline to craft a feminine, gorgeous second bridal mini dress.

You can shop Nikita here.

Jenni: Strapless scoop-neck curved neckline and fitted skirt in sequin beaded lace.

scoop neck beaded lace bridal mini

Jenni is a strapless bridal mini featuring a curved neckline and fitted skirt on beaded vine lace to bring a dramatic modern vibe to your second wedding dress.

You can shop Jenni here.

Is spending as much on a second wedding dress as the first one necessary?

For several reasons, your second wedding dress will likely cost drastically less than the main dress. First, it's common for brides to allow a more significant portion of their budget towards the main ceremony gown instead of spending so much on the second dress.

Additionally, bridal minis are often cheaper than full-length main gowns, so they're a more cost-effective alternative when purchased as a second dress.

How do I choose a second wedding dress that complements my first dress?

The beauty of having a second wedding dress is that it doesn't need to directly compliment your main bridal gown because you'll be wearing them in two different environments; the ceremony and the reception.

Recently, our Euphorie Real Bride Mia wore an ensemble featuring her top, an inbuilt bodysuit, and two skirts: a full-length skirt for the wedding ceremony and a mini skirt that Mia changed into for the wedding reception. This gave the appearance of one gown in two separate lengths.

husband and wife walking across grass in wedding day attire

Mia's wedding ceremony look, featuring her top + full-length skirt.

bride wearing mini dress standing in front of groom in suit on beach

Mia's second look, featuring the same top but with a second mini-skirt.

Another Real Bride, Isabell, worked with us to craft a custom bridal ensemble that featured a mini dress, a full-length skirt, and an organza cape to create multiple looks throughout the wedding day.

husband and wife outside restaurant in wedding attire

Isabell in her custom bridal ensemble. The main skirt can be removed to show a mini skirt underneath!

Many brides opt for a second dress utterly different from their wedding dress. They might wear something minimalist and plain down the aisle, then change into something more daring, like a beaded bling dress for their second gown, or vice versa.

Some brides wear heavily beaded expensive gowns down the aisle at their wedding ceremony, then change into a simple slip to dance the night away in a dress that is not so heavy on the body or restrictive on movement when dancing.

When choosing a second wedding dress, the most essential factor is if you feel comfortable in it. If a gown doesn't light your heart up and feel like 'the one,' it probably isn't.

Taking time to try on different styles or view other dresses and price-match them is a great way to get the most for your budget, style, and preference.

It's also essential to think about the theme of your wedding and the colour palette you'll be working with when choosing your second wedding dress.

What are some other styles and options for a second wedding dress?

Madison: U-neck style corset top with a pleated skirt.

u-back bridal mini with bow back made from luxurious bridal tweed

Our 'Madison' bridal mini is crafted from the most luxurious bridal tweed fabric, designed to be a subtle and romantic second dress option for your wedding day.

You can shop Madison here.

Daphne: Sweetheart neckline top with full skirt.

flowing flower and vine lace on reception mini dress

'Daphne's' timeless sweetheart neckline and full skirt covered in embroidered cherry blossom lace are a must-have mini for the modern romantic.

You can shop Daphne here.

Gabby: V-neck top with fitted skirt.

beaded vine lace wedding dress on dress form in front of other gowns

'Gabby' is handcrafted inside our Brisbane atelier, intentionally made to be worn by chic, trendy brides like you.

You can shop Gabby here.

How can I find a sustainably made second wedding dress?

At Euphorie Studios, sustainability and reducing environmental harm is paramount to our crafting process. All gowns purchased from our online bridal boutique are made-to-order as individual projects to minimise fabric waste and prevent any dresses from becoming dead stock if a specific size is not ordered.

All fabrics we choose are sourced from reliable Australian and European fabric mills to keep our business standards in line with the ethical sales model we're committed to upholding. 

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