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Article: 7 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

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7 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Your wedding day will always be one of the most important days of your life. It's a celebration of love, unity, togetherness, and a starting point of a life spent side by side. But how do you make your wedding day feel yours uniquely? I'm here to answer that today with the complete guide to personalising your wedding. I'll be taking you through everything, from choosing a venue to customising your stationery or even your gown. Let's dive right in.

1: Choosing a meaningful venue

You can turn almost anything into a venue if you want to. Maybe you and your partner have some beautiful memories that relate to a specific space like a park you went on for your first date, or a restaurant he proposed at, or even a hotel you went to for a vacation. The list is endless and will be up to each individual.

2: Honouring loved ones that have passed away

When personalising your wedding, you might want to include friends and family that are sadly no longer here. You can do this in several ways, such as having photos of them at your ceremony or reception or even including them in some small way into your wedding attire with a piece of jewellery, embroidery on gowns/suits, and much more.

3: Personalising or customising your wedding reception or ceremony

There are no rules you HAVE to follow at your wedding ceremony or how you carry it out. You can customise it in any style that suits you and your partner, from the music to the entertainment or even the meals. It can be anything you want it to be.

You could create food or drinks that reflect you and your partner to be served at the reception like cocktails, signature dishes that mean something to the both of you, such as the first meal you shared on a date night, the options are endless!

You can even customize things like your cake-topper to reflect you and your partner for an added level of intimacy and personalisation, or even your table numbers. You don't need to stick to literal numbers (1,2,3,4 etc.). You could use a nickname to refer to the groups of people or names that fit your theme.

4: Customise your invitations and stationery

When it's time to send out invites, RSVPs & more, and you've got to choose your invitations or stationery for your wedding, you can always go a customised route. Many vendors, brands, and people on platforms such as Instagram or Etsy will custom-make and personalise your invitations for you.  

Suppose you plan to have your wedding stationery custom-made; plan by thinking about color schemes, imagery, or aspects that fit you and your wedding theme. If you plan, you'll be able to give all of this information to the maker, and they'll be able to have a better idea of what will suit you.

blank wedding stationary on a table

5: Choose a tradition or micro-ceremony that works for you

There are so many wedding traditions or micro-ceremonies that you can implement at your wedding for an added level of intimacy. Micro-ceremonies are a great way to stand out and make your wedding ceremony more unique. 

We've covered some ideas for micro wedding ceremonies in the past, such as a Unity Candle Ceremony, A Tree Planting Ceremony, or a Hand-fasting Ceremony. Alternatively, if you want more ideas, we cover 17 Micro-ceremonies and how you can do them right here.

6: Create a photo wall to display your memories

We all tend to have photos from our life and our relationship hanging around, especially in the age of smartphones. One brilliant idea we've seen at weddings is a giant photo wall that you can place at the ceremony or reception.

To achieve this, firstly, you'll want to take some time to go through any photos you've collected over the years. It could be helpful to ask people close to you, such as your parent(s) or friend(s) that you've spent a lot of time around if they've got any photos they can send you.

Once you've collected all the photos you and your partner will want to use, the second step is to decide how to display the images physically - do you want them printed polaroid style? Traditional photograph style? Or maybe even more prominent, large paper-based images? This one will be a decision unique to you.

You can get digital images printed out at places such as your local Office Works, Big W, K-Mart, or other photo labs that might be in your area.

When it comes time to display the photos, there will be a few options here that will depend on the budget you'll want to use. One inexpensive option is to go to a hardware store, like Bunnings, and buy a large plank of thin wood, or you might even want to buy canvas' (the type you paint on, available at art supply stores as well as Office Works and similar stores) and you can use those instead. Anything can act as a temporary wall. Placing the photos on the wall is the easy part; you could simply use some blue-tac, a glue stick, pins, or any other method you'd like.

7: Everyone is your videographer

One of our real brides recently had an idea that we loved so much that we wanted to put it in this blog. Instead of hiring a videographer for her wedding day, she hired multiple video cameras. She encouraged guests to take videos using the cameras and their phones and then send them to her after the event. 

Our bride's video had so many heartfelt moments of guests talking to the camera, filming each other's wedding antics, and passing it around to create all these different styles of videos that came together into one big highlight reel of the night. Once our bride had compiled all the footage, she then hired a video editor to string it all together and clean it up to make it a cohesive wedding day video. The result was incredible, funny, heartwarming, and, more importantly, beautiful.

Have you got any other ideas you're considering? Let us know in the comments!

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