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Article: How Our Custom Formal Dress Process Works

brunette woman wearing black tulle formal dress with lace details

How Our Custom Formal Dress Process Works

Are you located in Brisbane, Ipswich, Springfield, The Gold Coast, or surrounds, and are you considering a custom formal dress? Well, today, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about buying a custom formal gown from Euphorie Studios.

While Euphorie Studios specializes in wedding dresses, we’re a manufacturing hub for brands around Australia too. Because of this, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past 20 years creating formal gowns right here in Brisbane. We’ve offered formal ranges in the past, but as custom dressmakers, we prefer to make unique gowns for unique women, and formal gowns are part of the service we offer.

dressmaker fitting woman into her black custom formal dress at Brisbane studio

How does the custom formal dress process work?

Once you’ve contacted us via our website, email, Facebook, or Instagram, our customer care team will book you in for a consult with our head designer. At your initial consult, you’ll be able to sit one-on-one with Keoula, the head designer & Creative Director of Euphorie Studios. Whether you have ideas for a dress that you’ve seen and are interested in or even if you’re not sure at all, she’ll discuss ideas with you for your unique formal dress. We even have fabric samples and sample gowns you can try on for ideas on fit and style.

Your initial consult is always free, and there is no obligation to agree to anything at that consult. You’ll have a gown design sketched up for you, with a price quote and any other relevant info, and then given time to make a decision.

After you’ve had time to consider your options, if you choose not to go ahead, that’s okay; our only priority is that you find the dress that’s right for you. However, if you do decide to go ahead with us and we’re fortunate enough to create your dream gown, we’ll then move forward to bringing the dress to life for you.

black cross back formal dress on brunette woman standing in front of mirror

Once you’ve opted to go ahead, a member of our customer care team will reach out and organize booking in a follow appointment so that you can pay the deposit on the gown (30% of the quoted price) and have your measurements taken. You’ll also be able to discuss fabric options and look at fabrics for your gown if you haven’t already discussed and decided on that at your first consult.

Now that work has started on your gown, moving forward, we’ll require you to attend fittings at our studio. The number of fittings you’ll need will vary based on your specific dress and its intricacies, and we’ll let you know at your initial consult.

Once all of the fittings are complete, we will book you in for your final fitting and gown pick up, where we even offer a free complimentary photoshoot in our showroom to see how you’ll look in your dress!

mom smiling at her daughter who is wearing her custom formal dress

We want you to feel safe & comfortable at consults or fittings and have another voice in the room if you're unsure on decisions, so remember that you can bring Mum or a friend along too when you visit our Brisbane studio.

How does Euphorie Studios price custom formal gowns?

 There is no specific price point for a formal gown, the main factor here will be the style of the gown and the fabrics used. When it comes to a custom formal dress, the sky is the limit, and our designers will always give you options to suit your budget. The reason we don’t set a specific one-off price point is that to stick to our high standards of ethical pricing; we’ll quote you based on your particular dress, rather than a blanket quote that could mean you’re paying more than what your gown costs to make. 

How long does Euphorie Studios require to make a gown?

We typically require three months+ lead time to create your gown. However, in some cases, we can make exceptions and deliver faster. For this, I’d urge you to reach out as soon as possible and discuss your expected wear date with the team so that they can let you know if it’s possible or not.

If you would like to know more or book a custom consult, please reach out to our team at, and they’ll be in touch to assist you.

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