Tree Planting Ceremony: Wedding Day Traditions

For our latest blog on wedding day traditions, we wanted to cover the concept of a tree planting ceremony; a great way to add an extra layer of intimacy and depth to your wedding day that will last for years to come and serve as a beautiful reminder of your important day. 

What Is A Tree Planting Ceremony?

This ceremony covers you on two bases; firstly, it’s eco-friendly! and secondly, it’s an ancient tradition if you want something classic and traditional at your wedding ceremony. A tree planting ceremony is just what the name implies, planting a tree as a symbol of the love & life you and your partner are growing with each other every day over time. It's also symbolic of the idea that planting a tree is a sign of creating something new together in this world by planting a tree that will grow over time, just like your relationship.

Why Should I Choose A Tree Planting Ceremony?

 In an era where more and more couples are opting for backyard weddings, a tree planting ceremony can be an amazing extra touch for your wedding day; planting a tree together in your home is a lovely way to remember your wedding day moving forward in life. However, a tree ceremony can be carried out anywhere. You can simply take the tree in a pot to your wedding ceremony and then take it home with you afterwards to plant it in a place that may be special to both of you as a couple.

For this specific ceremony, there are multiple options for how you want it to play it out and we’d definitely suggest having a chat with your officiant to discuss the best way to do it but we’ll give you a quick run through plus some of the options you can interchange. Also, keep in mind that if you’d prefer, you can have this take place at your wedding reception rather than your ceremony. The choice is totally yours.

How Does A Tree Planting Ceremony Work?

Firstly, as always, your officiant will give your guests a run through of what’s about to take place and the meaning behind it that fits you and your partner specifically while also explaining what type of tree you’ve chosen and why. After this, you’ll have your potted tree on a small table near, or off to the side, of the altar. This is where you and your partner will ‘plant the tree’ together by adding soil from the containers of soil and water from the watering can. Some couples choose to have their officiant talk throughout this process while others might play some music with meaning as a soundtrack to the ceremony or read out a poem, it’s totally up to you and your partner how you’ll carry that side of things out. For the tree itself, there are a few options here; you can plant a pre-potted tree by adding soil and water or you could choose the sapling of a tree and directly plant it into the ground, or into a pot, depending on where your ceremony is held.

What you’ll need for a tree planting ceremony:
  • Two decorated containers of soil. You can get these from anywhere and decorate them to match the theme of your wedding. Places such as supermarkets, Bunnings, etc. The soil can generally be purchased from the same places too.
  • A watering can + water. (for the water, it could be a good idea to take the watering can on it’s own + a bottle of water, and fill the can up at your venue. While the venue will always have their own water, pre-planning is always a good idea, just incase!)
  • A small table to carry out the tree planting ceremony.
  • A potted tree.

Optional extras: Two small shovels to avoid getting your hands (and dress!) dirty.

The type of tree you choose will be totally up to you and a matter of personal choice and meaning. Every tree is considered to have it’s own specific symbology and meaning. For example, oak trees are often thought of as representing life, family, and unity while maple trees symbolise longevity and protection. Apple trees are symbolic of love and fertility while willow trees are thought of as showcasing renewal. One big thing to consider beforehand is the climate you’ll be placing the tree in to make sure it’ll grow properly, so you might need to do some research into the specific tree you end up choosing for your ceremony. Some couples opt to choose trees that have already have prior meaning to them, such as a type of tree that reminds them of a date they’ve been on or a loved one, there are so many choices here but ultimately come down to personal preference.

We'd love to hear from you if this is something you're considering or if this is something you've already done at your wedding! Let us know in the comments below.

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