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Article: Why We Don’t Do Buy Now, Pay Later Options

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Why We Don’t Do Buy Now, Pay Later Options

Over the last few years, we've had a few people reach out and ask us if we offer Buy Now, Pay Later options for wedding gowns, such as AfterPay, Klarna, or similar - so we wanted to take you through our stance on Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods.

Every gown should be a meaningful purchase

When you come for a consult at Euphorie Studios, we want every gown we create to be a meaningful purchase if you decide to go ahead with us. With this in mind, we do NOT offer ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ options such as Afterpay or similar.

Suppose you’d like a gown from us. We’d much rather you take some time to consider it, match it against other options, and think about the purchase before committing any money towards your gown. It would be best if you didn’t feel pressured to purchase outside of the budget you already had in mind.

We hope that all potential Euphorie brides choose us for quality, design values, and craftsmanship - we don’t want you to feel forced into a purchase, buy something out of your budget, or feel pressured to take financial risks for a wedding gown. After all, your wedding day should be the day of your dreams, not one filled with a regretful purchase, money stress, or other frustration.

Working within budgets

At Euphorie Studios, our custom-made wedding dresses can be made to fit your budget. The sky is the limit with wedding dresses, especially when they’re custom made, but if you discuss with the design team your budget in advance, it’ll help you find options that suit you when we source fabrics, design the style, and factor in how we will make it.

One good example of this could be fabrics: A wedding dress where your choice of gown includes a lot of hand beading will cost a lot more than one where we source beaded lace more often than not because there are a lot fewer ‘man hours’ spent on the project.

Additionally, there are so many different types of fabrics that are almost unrecognizable in look or feel, but the price points vary wildly. These are the things the design team would discuss at a consult before you’re given a quote.

There’s an age-old saying, “think outside the box,” but sometimes it’s better to think inside the box: if you have a budget up front, it gives the design team a specific barrier to work inside while still pushing to get you the maximum possible amount from that. For example, if we know that you want a particular gown style, and your budget is $4500-$5000, we’ll reach out to all of our suppliers to find the BEST possible fabric for you at a price point that matches your gown. We won’t aim to spend $5000 specifically, but we will ensure it doesn’t ever go over that by a single dollar.

How do I make payment for my wedding gown at Euphorie Studios?

When you’ve finalized a design and decided to become our next Euphorie Real bride, all we require upfront is a 30% deposit. Doing so blocks off time on our work schedule for you and your work and allows work to begin on your project.

As for the remaining 70%, how you pay is totally up to you - all we require is final payment made on, or by, the time you pick your gown up. Some brides will roll payments out over the months leading up to their gowns competition, and some opt to pay in total upfront. Others do 30% to start the work with the remaining 70% at their final fitting and pick up: the choice is yours.

If you have any questions about our pricing methods here at Euphorie or any questions in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch; the team is always here to help!

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