Creative Collab: Chrissy In Euphorie Formal Dresses for Miss Grand Australia

Recently former Euphorie model and frequent collaborator Chrissy Taylor linked up with award-winning photographer Forough Yavari and one of Brisbane's best makeup artists, Jim Jirarnuttaruj, to take photos for her entry into the 'Miss Grand Australia National' pageant finals. We decided to create a few gowns for Chrissy's formal-dress-themed photoshoot.

gold glitter formal dress

woman posing in gold wedding dress

woman wearing gold dress

woman wearing blue glitter fabric formal dress

model posing for photography session in blue dress

model posing in blue glittery dress

model posing in red formal dress

model wearing red formal gown

woman posing for photoshoot

A special thanks to Jim, Forough, and Chrissy for inviting us to be part of their creative photoshoot.

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