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Article: Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Part 2: Things You Should Consider

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Part 2: Things You Should Consider

Fall In Love With The Process: One defining reason a wedding day is noteworthy is that it’s a one-time event. You’ll only be having this wedding day once, so it’s essential to make the most of it. Be present in each and every moment of your wedding journey, enjoy yourself and have fun.

Embrace The Process:

  • Take time to savor fittings.
  • Try on gowns.
  • Look around and compare quality, prices, and more.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to ask & see where your gown is made and find out who’s making it; these minor details will all frame the bigger picture of your wedding gown journey and make it all the more memorable.

Plan It Out: Build Pinterest boards, search around on google, and scour Instagram for the brands that stand out to you. Create mood boards, save ideas, write notes, and plan so that your wedding dress is ‘THE ONE’ - then start your search to find the dress of your dreams.

Reminder - there’s always the option of going for a custom-made wedding dress if you don’t find the right one off the rack.

Take Your Time: You shouldn’t feel pressured or forced into deciding on the spot; take your time, and think it through. Wedding dresses can be a big financial decision.

Questions You Should Ask Each Store

When you’re inshore shopping, it’s always important to arm yourself with all relevant information upfront, so there’s nothing unexpected later.

Ask if you can take photos: taking photos of yourself in gowns is a great way to have images to look back on when you decide whether you want to go ahead with a specific style later.

Turn around time: Ask the store how long it takes for dresses to come if you decide to order one because you’ll often find stores that don’t make their gowns here in Australia may require anywhere from 9 months to a year or more before a dress will be made overseas and arrive here.

What alterations will be needed: Before you agree to buy a gown, ask about the alterations that will be necessary, and ask their recommended alterations person, or any alterations business you’d prefer to use, how much that work will cost to be carried out with photos of the gown. If you ask about alterations up front, you’ll know how much you will spend on your dress overall.

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