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Article: Wedding Day Content Creators: Wedding Trends We Love

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Wedding Day Content Creators: Wedding Trends We Love

A new trend in the bridal industry has recently emerged due to the rise in social media-friendly weddings: hiring a social media content creator for your nuptials.

In the past, hiring a photographer to take photos that you'd keep in a physical wedding photo album was a big part of any bride's wedding day, but now that we're all so connected online and share glimpses into our own lives, hiring a content creator to take videos, sneak peeks behind the scenes, and raw images alongside a wedding photographer is a trend that's gaining popularity.

Let us look closer at wedding day content creators, including what they do, where you can find some, and more.

What is a wedding day content creator?

In the most simple terms, a wedding day content creator is your personal paparazzi for the event. They're a vendor hired to document moments on the fly, taking spontaneous, random photos and adding a layer of detail to your wedding day imagery or videos.

Wedding Day content creators use an iPhone to capture content so that it's optimal for social media use, allowing you to have a collection of Instagram-worthy content to bring more to your memories.

Have you ever watched a brand you love do a photoshoot? They'll share images behind the scenes and give you a look into the day or how we cover the process of making our gowns in the moment via our Instagram stories on @euphoriestudios Instagram. Well, it's like that, except it's YOUR wedding.

What does a wedding day content creator do?

As we mentioned earlier, they're your personal paparazzi. They will follow you throughout your wedding day with their iPhone, capturing raw videos and imagery behind the scenes, like an all-access pass to your wedding event.

Your wedding day content creator will be there to get all of those spontaneous moments your photographer might miss, including imagery of you and your bridal party, your guests, and other vendors at your wedding.

Your wedding day content creator will do everything from Instagram story content to videos, TikToks, Reels, and more. You can also work with your content creator to determine the type of content you want them to capture or avoid.

Some creators will even do an Instagram' story takeover' for your social media, posting on your behalf throughout the night while you live in the moment and look back over it all later.

Which should I hire: a wedding content creator or a photographer?

When it comes to choosing between a traditional wedding photographer or a content creator, it's more a question of hiring both to have the content creator accentuate your day, filling in the gaps a traditional photographer won't be able to capture.

Having a photographer capture the 'perfect' and staged photos for your wedding day and then having your wedding day content creator bring a layer of raw, honest, behind-the-scenes-style vibes will create a more memorable overall wedding day experience for you.

Should I hire a wedding day content creator for my wedding?

Several Euphorie brides have recently chosen to have a content creator capture their wedding day, and the results have been fantastic. From happy tears from family members to glowing bridesmaids or hilarious dance floor moments and so much more, they'll get you some incredible content.

If you're a bride that wants to maximise your wedding day on social media, we'd suggest looking into the potential of a wedding day content creator.

What services does a wedding day content creator offer?

These will vary based on the individual creator. However, they'll offer things like;

  • TikTok's
  • Instagram reels
  • Video Footage
  • High-quality iPhone images
  • Recap videos
  • Anything else you might need

Are you considering hiring a wedding day content creator for your wedding? We'd love to know who you're thinking of hiring, and what made you choose one! 

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