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Article: The Benefits Of Getting Ready Together For Your Wedding

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The Benefits Of Getting Ready Together For Your Wedding

We've all seen the way couples are before their wedding; a couple stays in separate rooms, hotels, apartments, or homes until the bride walks down the aisle to her lover. But what about switching things up, preceding tradition, and choosing to get ready together?

If you've been considering a 'getting ready' process that involves you and your partner being together, we're covering the benefits of getting ready together for you.

Shared moments are the best moments.

Getting ready on your wedding morning lets you spend quality time together, sharing the excitement and anticipation of walking down the aisle and finally becoming husband and wife. You'll be sharing your life forever, so starting their wedding day together makes sense for some couples.

Creating shared memories will be part of your wedding day story that you will always remember fondly.

It's cost-effective and less stressful.

If you only have to book one hotel room or one room at a venue, it will save you money for your wedding day's overall cost. Being together in one space will also mean you'll get ready together and won't have to stress about how each other's morning is going.

Your photographer can capture beautiful moments in full together.

You'll have two options on a traditional wedding day where you get ready in different places. The first is to have multiple photographers, which can be pretty expensive and runs the risk of having two totally different vibes to each of your wedding morning photos.

The second and more common option is that your photographer will split time between the two rooms or spaces, capturing you and your partners back to back separately.

Suppose you opt instead to get ready together. In that case, your photographer (and videographer) can work in one space, simultaneously capturing the moments and emotions of both of you without ever missing anything.

At the end of the day, personal preference will play a significant deciding factor in where and how you both get ready on your wedding day morning. Are you considering doing the wedding morning together? We'd love to hear your reasons why!

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