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Article: Euphorie Studios Reviews: What Our Brides Have To Say

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Euphorie Studios Reviews: What Our Brides Have To Say

As an employee of Euphorie Studios, I could sit here and lavish praise upon my co-workers and what we do at the studio, but why should anyone believe it when it’s hardly unbiased if I work here, right? As we’ve said in other blogs, hearing reviews about a business from REAL humans who have used the service is essential; it gives you a look into a brand beyond marketing or perception, taking you closer to reality.

We could make things up in a blog and hope you believe us, or we could ask real women who have worn our gowns or bought gowns from us what they think and how they feel.

“I came across Euphorie early on in my wedding journey, and I thought they were too expensive for my budget, so I decided to try bridal stores that seemed more affordable. Over time, I quickly realised that most shops were all selling wedding dresses between $1000-$7000, so I decided to reach out to Euphorie to see how much their custom gowns cost.

The person I spoke to when I emailed was amazing; they helped with every silly question I had and were so patient with me booking a consultation with them.

When I arrived at my booking, I was in love. I saw ‘the one’—the wedding dress I HAD to have. While I initially wanted custom, I saw the ‘Ellicia’ dress, and that Euphorie catchphrase of ‘falling in love all over again’ happened for me; my dream wedding dress was right there in front of me.

At the time, I had given birth a few months before my consult and was still in the process of trying to lose weight, which made me worried I’d commit to a size, and be much smaller when my wedding date came around. The team worked with me to provide an option to custom-fit my dress and scheduled plan of when I could purchase my gown, and pick it up from their showroom to make sure my gown fit like a glove on my wedding day.

I cannot recommend Euphorie more than I already do, every time a friend mentions wedding dress shopping, I tell them there’s only one Brisbane bridal store that they need to visit!”

  • Alana McNamara

“After being a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding where she wore Euphorie, I knew I wanted my gown to be designed by Keoula and her team too. I met them at my friend Anika’s final fitting, and I was blown away by their attention to detail with her dress, and how lovely everyone I met was. It was like they really loved what they do for a job, and it showed!

Fast forward 2 years and when hubby proposed, I knew where I was going. I emailed the team, and they remembered me instantly just from my name in the email address, which was a green flag for me.

When my initial appointment came up, I had to cancel last minute due to an emergency, and they were so accomodating, helping me book a new date to come back and being very understanding with the complex situation I was dealing with at the time.

When I finally got my chance to come back in and see the ladies at Euphorie, it felt like re-connecting with besties from high school. The studio feels like home, like you can do whatever you want, like a playground for all things weddings and red carpet. I was trying on wedding gowns and evening dresses, playing dress ups, and I even got a sneak peek at new gowns the world hasn’t seen yet! Needless to say my experience was wonderful.

After my wedding, I actually started to feel a void in my life, and I realised it was because I wasn’t going to fittings anymore; the gals truly had become friends throughout my fittings. This is why I love Instagram though; sometimes I’ll just DM them to chat about the things they’re creating, or lavish them with love for the handwork they all do! I would recommend Euphorie a thousand times over.”

  • Gillian Le

“I’ve known about Keoula and Euphorie since my formal in 2011! I wore a dress Keoula custom made for me to my formal back in the day, and ever since I’ve been following her wedding brand waiting for my special day. I always joke with my hubby about how I found my dress 8 years before I found him! Haha. 

I loved working with Keoula and her team, everyone is so sweet, kind, and professional, but in a fun way if that makes sense. This is embarrassing to admit, but there was even a time where I started to have melt downs over what I’d chosen, and wanted to change things, but I would flip-flop back and forth on ideas. I would message J on the Euphorie instagram account all the time, floating these ideas around, and not knowing what to choose (it was all stress & nerves of planning I swear!) And J would be there, like a supportive hype-up friend, helping me through everything in between my appointments with Keoula.

I love everyone at Euphorie, they’ve got my heart forever and ever. I just hope I can wear another Euphorie gown some day, even if it’s an evening gown or a mini, I just want to wear Euphorie again!”

  • Alexis Huang

“I could sit here and rave all day about how incredible my wedding dress process was, so I’ll try to contain myself when I write this!

I adored every step of the way working with the team at Euphorie to make my wedding dress. It felt like I was part of their team, working collaboratively to craft this dream dress of mine. Keoula took time to hear my questions and concerns, and gave me thoughtful answers—I felt seen, heard, and appreciated throughout the process. I can’t bring myself to sell my gown, it’s art!”

  • Bree Tennyson

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