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Article: Should You Start Wedding Hair And Makeup Early?

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Should You Start Wedding Hair And Makeup Early?

When you set out to start planning your wedding day, there are so many things to plan and consider. One of the things you’ll want to lock in early is your makeup artist. Bridal makeup artists are a big part of your day, as important as the gown or heels you’ll wear down the aisle; it’s no small detail.

One of the first people to start celebrating your day is your wedding day makeup artist. When you factor in how long hair and makeup can take, it’s important to start early so you’re finished in time.

It would help if you started early for many reasons, so we’re taking you through those to help as you embark on your planning journey.

Having your makeup completed early allows you more time with your photographer for rush-free and stress-free bridal portraits. Unless you’re a well-trained model, taking wedding photos can be pretty time-consuming. To some degree, you’ll require posing, waiting for your photographer to get in place, and moving between venues or areas to take photos.

Another benefit to starting earlier is that you’ll have time to take it all in and enjoy your wedding at the moment instead of being so rushed that you zoom through everything and miss the depth of the experience itself.

Additionally, if anything were to go wrong on the day, having extra time to make up for whatever could go wrong will give you peace of mind.

The key to a smooth wedding day lies in the preparation: having buffer time between things like your hair & makeup and your wedding portraits creates a lot of freedom. Another way to ensure a smooth-running wedding day is a makeup trial in advance, where you can test out hairstyles or makeup with your artist to get the desired look.

The ultimate truth is that this is your special day, and while being ahead of schedule and on time is essential, feeling as beautiful as you are and enjoying your day are the only things that matter.

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