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Article: Inside Euphorie: Stocking Our Gowns In Bridal Stores

bride wearing veil and strapless ivory wedding gown

Inside Euphorie: Stocking Our Gowns In Bridal Stores

We’ve had many brides reach out recently and ask if we’ve got gowns stocked at stores in their local area. We’ve also had other brides asking if we still stock our dresses at stores like Gossip Gowns/White by Gossip Gowns, Miss Runway Boutique, M2M Ipswich, Curve Wedding Dresses, and other stores. In the spirit of transparency that you’ve come to know us for, I’m going to take you through why we don’t have gowns in other stores and where you can find Euphorie Studios gowns in the future.

No More Stockists?

As a brand, our foremost objective is to follow the ethics we’ve all set out as a team. Regarding ethics, how we price our gowns is very important to us; we don’t want brides incurring any extra fees that they shouldn’t need to. With this in mind, we decided to stop stocking stores with Euphorie wedding dresses and sell them directly online or via bookings at our Brisbane bridal store showroom.

We’ve had brides ask if there were any negative interactions or if we dislike stores; the answer is an unequivocal NO. We’ve been blessed to work with some great stores, brands, bridal boutiques, and stockists with Euphorie Studios. While we may not continue working relationships, we’re in the business of spreading love & support and making the Brisbane bridal industry a better place.

Brisbane has a lot of talented bridal stores and formal dress shops, and we have nothing but love and adoration for any brands creating a better industry locally. We encourage all brides to shop and find the right store for their dream dresses.

Are The Gowns Available Off-The-Rack?

All Euphorie gowns are made-to-order. We do NOT hold onto the stock of our gowns because we believe in our commitment to sustainability and taking action in a wasteful industry. We have a sample gown for each dress at our studio for brides to view at any time, and if you order a gown, it will be made within 6-8 weeks and sent directly to you.

Will We See Euphorie Stocked In Stores In The Future?

We will not offer Euphorie products in stores unless they’re our stores. This aligns with our commitment to providing brides with high-quality wedding gowns at affordable prices so that brides aren't incurring any costs that aren't directly associated with their dress.

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