Size Inclusivity & Custom Wedding Gowns

Statistics show that around half, or more, of Australian women, wear a dress size 14 or higher, yet many brands stop at size 12. While we offer made-to-order gowns in all standardised sizes, custom is our preferred method of dressmaking because it allows for a true body fit, without ever needing to factor in a standardised dress size or requiring alterations. 

It's incredibly rare to find anyone that fits a standard size perfectly, our bodies are all different in their own amazing ways, this is where custom wedding dresses shine. 

Why does Euphorie Studios specialize in custom wedding dresses?

The driving factor behind our love for custom gowns is that we know all human bodies are different. With our bodies being so unique, it's only right that our garments are uniquely made to fit us.

Custom wedding dresses also allow us to create gowns to each bride's specific budget. When a bride has a budget in mind for her project, we can maximise our work around that budget.

Our made-to-order gowns are available in a custom fit if a bride can attend our studio for fittings.

Does Euphorie Studios have dress size limits?

For both our made-to-order gowns and our custom wedding dresses, the answer to this is a resounding NO. The size of your body should not dictate what garments you have access to, and no bride should be held back from her dream dress because her body is uniquely different from another bride's. 

Offering our service of custom couture gowns while still being size inclusive is an expectation we will always hold ourselves to as a brand. Additionally, all of our off-the-rack styles are made-to-order, which ensures you can purchase it in any size you'd like, rather than having to pray a store has the dress in stock, in your size.

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