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Article: How To: Flying With A Wedding Dress

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How To: Flying With A Wedding Dress

With restrictions easing around the world and more brides opting to fly overseas for a destination wedding again, we’ve had a question pop up: what do I have to do if I’m flying with my wedding dress? We’re here to answer that for you. 

Contact the airline

If you’ve any questions about traveling with your wedding dress, our first suggestion is to go towards the most simple solution: talk to the airline. Every airline is different, as is every place. Because of this, they may have their rules, so we strongly advise calling ahead (preferably before buying tickets) to ensure you’ll be okay to fly with your gown in a garment bag. 

Pack with care

Packing your wedding dress into its garment bag with care is essential, especially if you’ve opted for a gown with extra pieces or length, like a long train, tulle wings, or a detachable outer skirt. If you’re having trouble packing your wedding gown into its garment bag, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Place the coat hanger inside the garment bag first, then hang it high so you have room to get the gown in without folding it up on the floor. A doorway, door, or even wardrobe is a good option.
  • If your gown has hanging tape, place it over the coat hanger first, followed by the sleeves or the shoulders of your dress (if your gown has them, if it is strapless, it should have hanging tape inside the gown. Hanging tape is small loops of fabrics to allow the dress to be hung on a clothing rack via a coat hanger)

If your gown is in a garment bag, which will then be inside a suitcase, be sure to put it on top of the contents of your suitcase. Stacking clothes, shoes, or other items on top of the garment bag can crease your dress or even break things like buttons, depending on what you’ll have in your suitcase.

If you’re worried about packing the gown, ask your designer/stylist/store employee that created or sold your wedding gown for advice and how to pack your dress.

If you're searching for a garment bag to pack your gown in but require something large enough to keep it safe yet lightweight enough to fly or travel with, check out our garment bags here.

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