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Article: 8 Moments You Need Your Photographer To Capture At Your Wedding

brides accessories laid out on veil

8 Moments You Need Your Photographer To Capture At Your Wedding

When discussing the types of photos you want to be taken during your wedding ceremony and reception; it’s always a good idea to be upfront with your photographer and clear about what you’d like to see. We’ve got a list of 6 moments you need your photographer to capture on your wedding day.

The Gown Hanging

wedding dress hanging from wall on hotel balcony

One of the most classic wedding day photos is hanging the gown on a wall or in a doorway to get a clean shot of their wedding dress in all its glory. The hanging gown shot is an excellent reminder of your wedding dress, a garment you chose to wear on one of the biggest days of your life.

Your Accessories

brides heels perfume and wedding day accessories laid on her veil

Laying your accessories out is a cute way to remember the other parts of your wedding day attire apart from the dress itself. You can use things like jewelry, heels or footwear, perfume, the sketch of your dress, or anything similar and lay them out to be photographed. There are a few ways you can achieve this: 

  • Flat laying your accessories on a table.
  • Placing the accessories around your gown.
  • Setting them up on something that blends in with your wedding theme (e.g., you could set them up on grass if you’re having a Forrest wedding, etc

Your options are limitless for how you want to lay your accessories out, and it’ll all come down to what way you prefer.

Getting Into Your Gown

bridesmaids helping bride into her wedding dress

Okay, so you don’t have to take this one quite literally. Before your wedding, get into your wedding gown once you’ve got any undergarments you’ll be wearing on your body. If you’ve got tie-ups, buttons, a zip, or some other form of closure, hold off on going ahead because you’ll have either your maid of honor, bridesmaids, or someone close to you who helps you with the final moments of getting into your gown. At the same time, the photographer snaps these moments you’ll want to remember forever.

The First Look

husband facing out of window while bride walks up behind him for their wedding day first look

The first look is one of the most iconic and romantic wedding day moments people want to remember; that magic moment when your partner, parents, or both see you in your wedding gown for the first time. A moment as unique and emotion-charged as the first look is something you’ll want to remember forever.

The Venue, Before + During

Naturally, your photographer will take photos during the wedding ceremony and reception, but having them take pictures before the guests arrive is a beautiful way to see how your loved ones transformed your venue. 

One example would be if you were having a church wedding, have the photographer show up and take some shots of the empty pews, bouquets hanging from them, or any styling you’ll have organized. You’ll be able to see them transform once photos are taken with you and your guests in the venue too!

The Food, Table Settings + Menu 

On the wedding day, for photographic reasons AND courtesy, ensure your photographer gets fed too. Firstly, it’ll keep them happy, none of us like to work when we’re hungry, but secondly, it’ll give them your planned wedding reception food to photograph. If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll want to see photos of your wedding meals.

You’ll put a lot of work into choosing your table settings too, so it’s always a good idea to have your photographer take aesthetically pleasing snaps of your table settings, seating plans, menus, and anything similar.

Placing The Ring

Your wedding ring will be one of your most coveted objects in life, so having your photographer capture the moment your partner placed it on your finger is essential. That moment where you’re saying ‘I do’ will be one of the most significant moments you’ll experience in life too, so these photos are often mandatory!

Hair & Makeup

makeup artist ironing brides hair before wedding

Some of the cutest, most natural photos I’ve ever seen have been during the hair & makeup process before a wedding. Brides tend to bond with their makeup artist after spending time together interacting while doing trials before the wedding, so on the big day, your H&MUA is entirely invested in such a special moment for you.

Tip: during the hair & makeup process, relax and pretend the photographer isn’t there; let the moments be genuinely candid.

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