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Article: Inside Euphorie: Changing The Industry In Our Own Way

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Inside Euphorie: Changing The Industry In Our Own Way

We'll be the first to admit that the fashion industry is home to some of the worst practices imaginable, from slavery to the destruction of our environment to predatory pricing or misleading on quality, fabrics, and so much more. It's important to us that we do our part to be the change we want to see in this industry, so I want to take you through some of the ways we've set about achieving that.

Our Manufacturing Ethos: A More Sustainable Future

From the beginning, Euphorie has been proudly Australian-made. Our team of skilled seamstresses at our studio has handcrafted all our garments. We pride ourselves on continuing the culture of sustainable manufacturing, immaculate workspaces for all employees, waste management, recycling, up-cycling, and ethical business practices. Despite incredible growth over the years, none of these values will change; we're committed to providing the best with the least harm to our environment.

Our shift to all Euphorie Studios wedding dresses being made-to-order allows us to further push our responsibility as an ethical manufacturer by reducing the waste created by mass-manufacturing stock dresses. Creating all of our garments in our Brisbane studio allows us to keep our entire supply chain under one roof, significantly reducing our carbon emissions by reducing our physical space.

As a brand, we’ve released countless designs inspired by vines, falling leaves, snowfall, and so many other aspects nature has to offer. We believe it’s our responsibility to do our part to uphold our commitment to sustainability, so that all those pieces of nature are still there to inspire us in the future.

Fair Wages + Fair Pricing

We all know how much a brand says a gown is worth, but how much is it really worth? You should always have the right to see this information, which is why we've always offered a full breakdown of the costs of how our custom wedding dresses are made. 

From the cost of fabrics to how many hours each seamstress spent through to the trims and buttons, every Euphorie custom wedding dress comes with a complete cost breakdown.

Our commitment to financial fairness doesn't just stop at our customers; all Euphorie employees, regardless of role in the company, are paid above-award wages, adjusted with the rising cost of living. 

Thoughtful + Ethical Marketing

Our morals and ethics aren't just about how we make things or treat staff; they go deeper than that and exist in our DNA at every level of the Euphorie brand. We're committed to upholding a standard of thoughtful & ethical marketing that reflects who we are as a brand. This includes:

  • no spam emails
  • Easy opt-out options
  • No uninvited DMs, emails, or contact of any kind
  • Direct consent from the bride(s) of any content shared from Euphorie social media platforms before it is shared (this means we will not post any images without one of the team members getting your consent first. While we adore sharing all Euphorie brides, we also know that some people prefer to be private online or limit the things they share from their personal lives. We respect this right to privacy.

The Things That Matter: Inside Euphorie

Keoula may own Euphorie, but the brand is a team effort; everyone's voice matters. When we started Euphorie, we intentionally chose to do everything in the most ethical way possible, but that doesn't just extend to fabrics or dressmaking.

When it comes to how we market our products, take photographs, models, or the way we do things, ethics must always be at the forefront. We cater to brides of all sizes, ethnicities, cultures, religions, and more. We must represent that in our models, the women we hire, and the inclusive environment we foster at Euphorie.

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