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Article: 6 Brides On Why They Chose A Custom Wedding Dress

draped fabric on dress form inside Brisbane bridal studio

6 Brides On Why They Chose A Custom Wedding Dress

A lot of decisions need to be made when buying a dress, but the first two you have to consider are; ‘do I want a custom wedding dress, or will I buy off-the-rack, made-to-order, or something preloved?’

We’re starting a series where we hear from people on every side of the coin, from brides who went with a custom wedding dress to brides who hired their wedding gowns to brides who opted for something off-the-rack.

This blog covers six brides discussing why they bought a custom wedding dress.

“A custom wedding dress isn’t just about the uniqueness of the garment, and it’s about how unique every bride is in personality and style. Going the custom route is the best way to express your individuality truly, and to let the real you shine through.” - Alena Seymour.

“I went with a custom wedding dress because I didn’t want to regret anything looking back on my wedding day. I poured my heart and soul into creating a memorable wedding day that felt like ‘us’ (my partner and I), and when it came to my dress, I knew I needed it to be both a custom fit and a custom design”. - Leaita Villamo.

“I’m a lil’ extra, I want to be different, I want everything I do to be special, so I’ve known for a long time that I’d want a custom wedding dress. I started gathering ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, keeping a log of photos and ideas that I could take to my designer and get the dress I had always dreamed of. I couldn’t imagine it any other way!” - Gemma Bowie.

“I went to store after store, searching for “the one” but couldn’t find it. A friend suggested going for a custom wedding dress from a designer in my city; it was a magical experience. I thought this was something for the ultra-wealthy people, but the prices are quite affordable with the right brand” - Mel Riggestone.

“For me, it was really about a lack of options. There were a lot of off-the-rack stores here in Sydney, but none offered a truly unique custom option, so I found a designer that did. Going through the process from the beginning with just a sketch, to the day I wore my finished dress down the aisle allowed me to create so many great memories!” - Bella Grant.

“I found myself wanting to be immersed in the process. I’m obsessed with those videos by huge fashion brands like Gucci and Prada, where they have their fancy studios, and these brilliant craftsmen and women make jackets or bags. I wanted that for my wedding dress. I wanted a unique garment to come to life, something priceless to me, and I wanted couture aspects, so I knew I needed a custom wedding dress. It did NOT disappoint. I got to watch every aspect; the designer drew a sketch with me, I saw buttons being sewn on by hand, and I chose the fabrics with my designer and everything! I’m so glad I went with a custom dress”. - Alana Sims

All brides interviewed wrote their own words, staff at Euphorie made very minor grammatical changes for clarity, without changing the brides words.

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