Behind The Scenes | 2019 Wrap Up

The year is coming to an end and what a memorable one it’s been for all of us at Euphorie Studios. At the beginning of 2019, we decided to undergo a rebranding process after over 20 years of being known as Keooula Bridal to our current name, Euphorie Studios. Our creative director, Keoula, decided that the team she had assembled was growing to a stage where our name should reflect that; and so Euphorie was born.

At the start of the year, there were 5 individuals behind the Keooula brand, however, now as we head into 2020, we’re a team of 10 and growing! It's been an incredible year for us and not possible without the help and kindness of every single person who has both supported and worked along side us. We're all so grateful to be able to continue to do what we love and share it with the world.

So, with that said, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what has been a monumental year for all of us and showcase some of the work by the talented people we were fortunate enough to be able to work with and a look inside our fashion house over 2019...

wedding gown on woman standing in snow

(Model: Annalise Monson / Photog: Tameika Leslie / H&MUA: Tahnii Marquis)

In the very early stages of our re-branding, we had the pleasure of being invited to collaborate with 3 incredible people from Tasmania; Annalise, Tameika and Tahnii.
We were so excited by the ideas they had envisioned so we had to jump on board without hesitation. It ended up becoming a truly gorgeous photoshoot showcasing the hard work and dedication to their individual industries that all three have become well known for while also wearing our wedding dresses at some incredible and beautiful spots in Tasmania.

seamstresses work on wedding dress by hand

(Pictured: Euphorie Studios seamstresses Sunn & R)

In the lead up to our debut collection launch, our Brisbane based fashion house was in full swing with everyone putting their talents, skills and passion to use so that we could bring our 'Keepsake' collection to life. Countless hours were poured into every gown by our talented team of seamstresses and designers to bring the vision of our first collection as Euphorie Studios to life. 

bridal designer and bride in wedding dress in garden

(Pictured: Euphorie Studios Creative Director Keoula with model Miné Coester)

We were also fortunate enough to be able to work with Wedding & Bride magazine on a photoshoot debuting some of our 'Keepsake' collection pieces in print prior to our launch, worn by the beautiful Miné Coetser on location at The White House of Waterford in our home state of Queensland. 

wedding and bride magazine cover

We were eventually chosen for the honour of being on the cover of the Wedding & Bride magazine's Queensland edition for the third time and we couldn't have been happier.

seamstress hand makes custom made gown

(Pictured: our head seamstress Jan at Euphorie Studios) 

Through out all of this, our seamstresses were still hard at work bringing our custom made wedding dresses and formal gowns to life at our Brisbane studio, continuing to uphold the tradition of craftsmanship that we all believe in at Euphorie.

 bride and bridal designer in custom wedding dress

(Pictured: Model Kristen Raffel with Euphorie Studios Creative Director Keoula)

bride in wedding dress with photographer at Brisbane studio

(Pictured: Euphorie Studios in-house photographer Nick Wheeler with model Kristen Raffel)

Our first round of photoshoots for Keepsake kicked off with Kristen Raffel, an absolute professional and a joy to work with. Kristen worked tirelessly to ensure she helped us bring our collection to life visually. 

Brisbane model in white wedding dress

(Pictured: Serena Brookes)

Next up, we shot with the hard working Serena. What was originally planned as a half day shoot turned into two days of laughs and great times! Serena left such a wonderful impression on the entire crew that day that i'm sure none of us will ever forget.

model in red formal dress with make up artist in Brisbane studio

(Pictured: model Teagan Rothwell with make-up artist Jim J)

As always, we have our friend and go-to MUA Jim on hand at our shoots including the one pictured above with our friend Teagan. Being able to work alongside models who are not only exceptional at what they do but are so open to collaboration and are willing to do whatever it takes has created so many wonderful connections and friendships for all of the staff at Euphorie.

bride wearing lace veil with wedding gown

(Pictured: model Annaliese McGuire)

After we had shot individual days with both Kristen and Serena, we decided to do a double shoot with Teagan and Annaliese. It can easily become chaotic when you've got a studio where seamstresses are at work in one room while a crew of seven people are shooting with two models in other rooms at the studio but when you've got talent like Annaliese and Teagan, it becomes so fun that it almost doesn't feel like 'work'.  

bride in church on wedding day in her wedding gown

(Pictured: #euphorierealbride Mia)

Throughout the process of designing and crafting the gowns for our 'Keepsake' collection, we continued creating timeless, one-off, custom made wedding gowns for our beautiful Real Brides throughout the year. ( Euphorie Real Bride Mia, pictured above on her wedding day in a custom made Euphorie Studios wedding dress)

wedding dress on model with photographer at Mt Cootha botanical gardens in Brisbane

(Pictured: model Jade Luangsay with Euphorie Studios designer, product developer and camerawoman Leanne Hendrix) 

model holding bouquet wearing wedding dress with crown on at beauty pageant

(Pictured: Model & friend of Euphorie, Christy Taylor)

Our good friend Christy had decided to take part in the Pageant of the World and as we'd sponsored her in years prior, we wanted to join forces with this wonderful woman again for 2019. We ended up dressing Christy in two of our gowns and she went on to not only win 'Best Evening Gown' but the pageant overall! We couldn't be more proud of such a genuinely talented, amazing and kind hearted person, thank you Queen Christy.

bridal designer hand finishing a lace wedding dress

(Pictured: Euphorie Studios seamstress Sunn doing some hand appliqué on one of our gowns) 

This has been a small snapshot into what ended up becoming an incredible year for all of us at Euphorie Studios, the love and support we've received from everyone thus far has been heart warming and more rewarding than we could've ever imagined. 

Thank you for coming along with us on this ride, we appreciate every gesture of love and respect that comes our way.

From all our us at Team Euphorie, we wish you all nothing but the best, the happiest of holidays and a very beautiful new year! Bring on 2020!.

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