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Article: How To Choose A Wedding Gown

bride in hotel room being fitted into her wedding dress by bridesmaid

How To Choose A Wedding Gown

For some brides, finding the right dress is a case of instant attraction-they'll see the one they want and won't settle for anything else. However, for other brides, finding the dress that suits you can be a stressful time. Choosing your wedding dress may arguably be the most challenging and most stressful part of the entire process of wedding planning, but with some direction, you can take a lot of stress out of the process of shopping for a gown.

Where To Start When Shopping For Your Wedding Gown

First and foremost, take some time to do your research in-depth. Start using tools like Pinterest, wedding magazines, and social media. You'll want to take screenshots of wedding dresses or details that you like and create a folder of some kind (your camera roll, a literal physical folder of printed pictures, a USB stick - whatever works for you!) and build up a collection of inspiration and ideas. Create Pinterest boards and fill them with inspiration and ideas for your gown. 

If you're shopping online for your gown or an off-the-rack wedding dress in a store, keep your file on hand as you search and look around so that you can find the best dress that fits the idea you've come up with.

If you're going to take the route of a custom-made gown, you'll want to take note of designers & fashion houses as you're searching for ideas and inspiration. Every wedding dress designer has their unique style, so doing your research on each designer, store, or bridal house prior is essential. For example, one designer may specialize in boho-style wedding dresses. At the same time, another may be known for something different, and if you were after a boho wedding gown, knowing which designer to go to will be necessary.

Take It A Level Deeper: Narrowing Down Your Wedding Dress Choices

Narrowing your ideal style down is important too. Do you want a v-neck gown or an open back, or something else entirely, once you figure out the specific style that works for you and your body, it'll help tenfold when it comes to picking the right wedding dress. Sometimes thinking outside the box isn't the right way to go; placing yourself inside 'the box of ideas that you want your gown to embody will help point you in the right direction of getting your dream dresses. 

Alternatively, don't start with the dress! Some brides will have specific items they plan to wear on their wedding day - a necklace, certain heals, or a color theme, among other things. If there are pieces you've already planned on wearing or having your wedding embody, picking a dress that matches those items is an excellent way to help narrow down your choices. 

You may come to a point where you've got more than one wedding dress in mind and can't seem to narrow it down or are having a challenging time choosing which gown will suit you best. Start by making a list of pros and cons - write them down so you can see them, and it might help pull things into perspective for you! 

And finally, follow your instincts, and you'll look as perfect as you dream of on your wedding day.

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