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Article: 6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

guests with glasses of champagne at wedding reception

6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun


Disposable Film Cameras On Tables With A Twist

Buying a bunch of disposable cameras and having them on tables so that your guests can take photos during the reception is a beautiful way to document your wedding day from the perspective of your loved ones, but why not take it a step further?

You could have table settings printed out as minor signs on each table, with games or objectives for the guests. Think along the lines of;

  • 'Snap a photo of two people cheers'ing with their drinks.'
  • 'Sneak a photo of the bride and groom without them realising.'
  • 'Get an epic shot of everyone at this table.'
  • 'Best dinner photo'

You can personalise many options to your guests or weddings here, but you get the idea.

Wedding Games

Some couples will create games that are carried out by each group at their tables. This might include anything from fast-paced card games or Connect Four to scavenger hunts. Each table will have it's own set of objectives that create a sense of camaraderie and fun. The bonus here is that it also allows your guests to socialise with each other on a more intimate level, leaving you less stressed about worrying if people are getting along or not.

InstaPrint Film Cameras

When one of my best friends married recently, she had dozens of InstaPrint film cameras scattered around her wedding reception. She encouraged her guests to snap photos throughout the night and place the pictures in a basket on a table.

After the wedding, she could go back and see her wedding reception night through the eyes, or lenses, of all of her guests. There were so many epic photos of people having fun for her to look back on that she would've otherwise missed seeing.

Interactive Experiences

Having an interactive aspect to your wedding reception can be the perfect way to encourage guests to bond and mingle with each other. It can also be incredibly fun.

You could opt for interactive experiences such as;

  • A Photo Booth with props
  • A 360-degree camera platform
  • An artist doing live portrait/caricature drawings of your guests
  • A live painting of you + your husband on your wedding day
  • An interactive dance floor
guests raising glasses to toast at wedding reception


You can incorporate music into your wedding reception in several beautiful ways, such as skipping having a DJ or live band and instead opting to use a CrowdDJ style option.

A CrowdDJ option operates much like a jukebox. It allows your guests to go up and choose songs, placing them in a queue to place after each other all night long.

Another modern and original option we've seen a bride use has been to invite everyone to contribute a specific number of songs to a Spotify playlist themed around songs that remind them of the bride and groom or their favorite wedding songs, depending on the number of guests. With Spotify, you can use 'Collaborate' mode so that anyone can add songs to the playlist.

Something else to consider, though it's a more niche option, is having a live band that takes requests from the audience to play music throughout your wedding. This one will require a specific type of band, but I've personally seen this happen, and it was a magical night!

Adding A Personal Touch

Another way to add fun to your wedding reception is to take that extra mile by adding a personal touch to different aspects. This can be a personal touch that reflects you and your partner, but it can also be personalising things that make the guests feel more comfortable such as songs that remind you of them, their names engraved on cutlery, wedding favours, and much more. I've even been to a wedding where everyone got a free band-style music touring tee printed based on the couple's wedding. This tour-style t-shirt everyone was gifted included their 'tour dates' or wedding dates and anniversaries of special moments like when they met, had their first date, etc.

Are you planning on adding any personal touches to your wedding reception? We'd love to hear what you've got in mind in our comments below to help other brides reading this in future!

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