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Article: How Do I Mail My Wedding Dress?

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How Do I Mail My Wedding Dress?

If you’re having a destination wedding, selling your wedding dress via social media or a gown sale platform, or needing to ship it somewhere for any reason, figuring out the best way to mail it can be a difficult task. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to ship or mail your wedding dress.

The 4P Rule: Proper Packaging Prevents Pain

Okay, maybe that rule isn’t real, and I just made it up, but it’s still true nonetheless. When searching for suitable packaging to send your gown, ensure it covers a few key points.

First of all, the packaging needs to be sturdy. Find a sturdy, thick cardboard box, not something thin and flimsy that will get crushed in transit. 

Secondly, it’s important that you get the right size box, too. You don’t want it to be too big because you’ll be charged based on the size (and weight) of your gown, but you don’t want it to be so small that your gown gets crushed inside the box and ends up damaged.

It’s critical to factor in the weight and packed size of your gown—some gowns may have things like corset boning or heavy beads that can only be squeezed down into a box so much without breaking or compromising the structural integrity of the dress itself.

The fees for your parcel will depend on the weight or cubic weight, depending on which is bigger. When you go to send it with your local carrier, they may charge you based on the weight of the package itself or on the size dimensions of your packaging with the gown inside.

Packing Up The Gown

When packing your gown for sending, it’s critical to ensure that you take all of the appropriate steps to keep it safe. 

Start by folding the gown carefully, placing tissue paper or bubble wrap between each layer to ensure the structural integrity is intact and the fabric doesn’t stretch, tear, rip, or damage. Using acid-free tissue paper is an excellent way to ensure that in the event of moisture getting in, the tissue paper with acids inside doesn’t leak out onto your dress!

Once the gown is folded and wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap, placing a layer of bubble wrap or a clear plastic bag around the outside will help prevent any rain damage or wetness from getting inside the package during mailing.
When sending your wedding dress, you’ll want to use either a box (our preferred mode of mailing) or bubble wrap it and place the gown inside a large postal satchel. When sealing your preferred method of posting, it’s essential to seal the dress’s mode of transport with adhesive tape and write ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ on the parcel.

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