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Article: A Quick Guide To Wedding Hashtags

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A Quick Guide To Wedding Hashtags

Have you been searching for an Instagram wedding hashtag tailored to your personal needs but struggling to come up with options? Don’t worry—you’re not alone, which is why we’ve covered everything you need to know about wedding hashtags!

How Do I Create A Wedding Hashtag?

When creating your wedding hashtag, simplicity as a starting point is always crucial, so let’s start with the basics. These are pieces of information tailored to you that might help guide you toward your personalised wedding hashtag:

  • Your first names and surnames 
  • Your wedding date
  • The name of your wedding venue
  • Your wedding’s location
  • The wedding theme

Using Names: Your surnames, or first names, are generally a good starting point because that automatically makes it personal. However, you’ll also want to think outside the box, too, such as using pet names, nicknames, or maybe name references friends have given you that might be funny, loving, or something similar. (An example of this would be perhaps you’re that couple in your friend group that acts like a mum & dad to everyone, in a good way. Using that as part of your wedding hashtags could be a cute nod to your roles in your group of friends)

Consider how your two names create a ‘combo-name’. For example, remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were collectively known as Bennifer? Or When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were Brangelina? Those are the things to consider for a ‘combo-name’ hashtag.

Alliteration: If you’re one of those couples, much like our power couple, we’ve used as an example in this blog, John & Jane, that has alliteration naturally in your names, then playing off that can be a wonderful way to capture a wedding hashtag. Maybe it's #John&JanesJourney, or #Walter&WendysWhiteWedding, etc. 

Everyone Loves A Good Pun: Utilising funny puns that your guests will get (don’t make it too niche!) is a great way to encourage more people to use your wedding day hashtag while keeping it memorable.

Tips for wedding hashtags

  • If you’re struggling with ideas, ask your close friends.
  • Check the hashtag in advance.
  • Make sure everyone knows your wedding hashtag, so be sure to make it prominent on the day so people are aware!
  • Please capitalise the first letter of each word to make it clear & understandable. 

Tips For Displaying Wedding Hashtags

  1. If you’re having a wedding website, place your hashtag there. If you decide not to have a wedding website, we’d advise opting to put the hashtag prominently on your invitation.
  2. Place a sign with your wedding hashtag at the entrance to your wedding event.
  3. Include the hashtag on the cutlery or plate if you’ll use disposable options.

Hashtag Examples For Weddings

Note: all names used in this are merely placeholder names. We’ve chosen a lovely couple of John and Jane Doe as our example; replace them with your first and last names to make it your own!

  • #WhenJohnMetJane
  • #MeetTheDoes
  • #MrAndMrsDoe / #MrAndMrDoe / #MrsAndMrsDoe
  • #TheDoes
  • #TheDoesSayIdo
  • #TeamDoe
  • #CelebratingTheDoes
  • #TheDoesGetHitched
  • #IntroducingTheDoes
  • #NiceDayForADoeWedding
  • #HappilyEverDoe
  • #OnceUponADoe
  • #FinallyADoe
  • #DoeSayIDo
  • #TheDoesTieTheKnot

Classic Wedding Hashtags

While these are more generalised, and will have likely been used by other couples, it can also be a great way to be part of a community-style wedding-themed hashtag collective. Some examples of this include:














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