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Article: 5 Wedding Photography Styles To Consider

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5 Wedding Photography Styles To Consider

Hiring a wedding photographer is a massive part of your overall wedding day and one of the most important vendors you will hire. Suppose you're getting married and you're on the search for your wedding photog. In that case, many factors will influence your decision-making processes, such as budget, wedding style, wedding date, location, and photography style. Every wedding photographer has their style of how they'll be taking pictures on a wedding day, and we've created a list of five types that you might commonly come across to consider when hiring your wedding photographer.

The concept of style is subjective and will be part of how each artist creates, and that's precisely what wedding photographers are: Artists. They might use different technology and editing styles; some might do color or black and white or any other style variations, which is why it's essential to understand your preferred photographer's style.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

One of my favs is photojournalistic-style wedding photography. This style of wedding day imagery focuses on capturing moments as honestly and authentically as possible, with your photog taking images throughout your event without posing or staging things, opting to catch moments in real-time as they unfold.

This style of photography takes its name from how journalists capture images and cover everyday news stories as they unfold.

This is an excellent option for couples who want their wedding day photos to be candid, relaxed, and in the moment.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art photography focuses on taking your wedding images, turning them into artwork for you, not just capturing the day as it unfolded. Fine art photography involves a lot more direction and thought by your photographer because it is always more conceptual than other types of photography.

Fine art photographers might use accessories, props, background effects, and other concepts while incorporating aspects of classical wedding photography.

Fine art wedding photography will be your go-to option if you're looking for a highly creative photography option for your wedding day. While it typically requires a lot more time and effort from all involved, it'll pay off with the result.

Traditional or Classic Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is probably what you're thinking of when you hear the name; it's essentially a photographer who will capture your bridal party in posed shots and usually work off what's known as a 'shot list' or a list of specific poses and styles they will be looking to capture you in. Their shot list will be things like;

  • getting ready
  • Entrance
  • Ceremony
  • Receptions speeches
  • Cake cutting

While all photographers will be getting these moments, a traditional-style photographer will have specific poses they'll ask you to stand in during each of these moments to capture the shots for you on your wedding day. The photog will work with you and your partner to give you direction for posing and positioning, which makes for a good choice if you want something straightforward, reliable, and with clear instructions.

Editorial Wedding Photography

When it comes to editorial photography, think of high fashion magazine imagery. This wedding photography style focuses on dramatic and exaggerated posing, carried out much like an on-set photoshoot on your wedding day.

This is an excellent option if you want imagery that brings elements of high fashion and drama to your wedding day. Or you could mix things up and add this before your wedding day as an additional shoot in a second outfit, an option some of our Euphorie real brides have gone with.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Lifestyle photographers will combine styles into one: they will take the candid style of photojournalistic photography and connect it with posed and directed shots of classic wedding photography.

When using a lifestyle wedding photog, the end result will be a range of imagery that crosses the barriers of both styles mentioned above.

If you're after a good mix of styles or can't decide on one singular style, lifestyle wedding photography is a good option for you to consider.

How to decide which wedding photography style is best for you:

Research, research, research. When determining which wedding photographer is best for you, the first place to start is with a bit of research. Find a bunch of photographers you're into or think you might like, compare their websites, social media (both posts and tagged section!), and featured work when you google their name. Doing in-depth research is a great way to get a full view of how the photographer works and their style. 

Once you've got a more narrowed list of photogs you like, you can inquire about pricing packages, availability, and how they work.

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