Wine Box Ceremony: What It Is & How To Do It

We’ve always had a love for the finer details in life and the way our brides customise their wedding days to match the personalities of both themselves and their partners. In the latest from our series on traditions and rituals at weddings, we wanted to cover wine box ceremonies. They’re a fun way to add a little flare to your wedding ceremony and personalise it with your own touch and something that will create another wedding memory years down the line.

So, what exactly is a wine box ceremony?

Reading the name of it, you might be wondering what it really is or how much drinking it could involve but fear not, despite it’s boozy name, a wine box ceremony doesn’t actually involve drinking wine (at the wedding, at least). To keep things simple, a wine box ceremony at a wedding is when a couple creates a sort of time capsule to open later on down the track, probably at a wedding anniversary or other big moment in your new life as a married couple. 

This time capsule will traditionally contain a nice bottle of wine and some love letters from you to your other half, and vice versa.

How does a wine box ceremony work?

First things first, you’ll want to be sure to discuss this with your officiant to make sure they’re aware of what you want to do and to make the time for it during your ceremony, but with that said, here’s what you’ll want to do and what you’ll need to do it;

On the morning of your wedding (or maybe just before it if things are especially busy) you and your partner will want to take some time to sit down and write each other a love letter of sorts. Talk about how you’re feeling in the time right before your wedding and the love you have for each other; be honest, be open and let your love guide what you want to say. Most couples tend to write about the reasons they fell in love with each other initially and why they’re choosing to get married now. Make sure you either hand these love letters to your officiant or have someone at the ceremony keep them safe and hold them for you. You’ll also need a nice box, usually a wooden one, that can be picked up from a whole range of places from bottle-o’s to arts & crafts stores and many others. You'll also need a nice bottle of red wine or champagne. Make sure you check if the bottle you’ll want to use will last a few years, but most should.

During your wedding ceremony, most commonly after vows have been said and rings have been exchanged, your officiant will let your guests know that you’re about to have a wine box ceremony. The box will be placed on a table with the bottle of wine inside it and you and your partner will then place your letters inside the box. Some couples may choose to have their officiant say a few words about it and if that’s something you want to do, you will need to discuss that further with the officiant. Alternatively, you can just have your officiant explain what’s going on while you and your partner carry this out.

When it comes to sealing the box closed, there have been a range of ways brides have done it over the years. Some couples might choose to close the box by nailing it shut while others may opt for a special ribbon or some type of wax seal; there are many options and it’s really just a matter of individual taste on your part.

When do I open it?

While this is totally up to you and your partner, traditionally most couples will open it on their 5th wedding anniversary. It’s a lovely throwback & reminder of your wedding day on a big milestone in life and lets you create a pretty beautiful moment on such a special day. Some couples also opt to open this up earlier if they’re going through a rough patch or maybe something monumental is happening in their life such as buying their first home together. 

While wine box ceremonies aren’t as common as some other types, they definitely add a beautiful and sentimental moment into your wedding ceremony with the bonus of creating an extra wedding day memory years later.

We’d love to hear if any brides are considering this at their wedding and why they play on implementing it into their ceremony! Let us know below.


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