What Does A Maid of Honour Do? A Quick Guide

The maid of honour is one of the lesser spoken about roles at a wedding. Often, they’re looked at as ‘a bridesmaid’ that shows up and stands beside their friend, the bride-to-be, looking beautiful. In fact, much like bridesmaids, being a maid of honour goes much deeper than that - some may even argue a maid of honour is nearly as vital to a wedding as the bride or groom!

What Does A Maid of Honour Do?

First an foremost, a maid of honour is seen as the ‘head of the bridesmaids’ - essentially co-ordinating the bridesmaids and keeping them organised ahead of the wedding. This traditionally includes organising and planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party among other things. Prior to the wedding ceremony, the maid of honour has the responsibility of helping the bride get into her wedding gown and any wedding day accessories and at the wedding reception, it’s traditionally expected that the maid of honour will give a speech or make a toast to her BFF (the bride!) in celebration of the marriage. Sometimes a bridesmaid may even be asked to be a witness in signing the marriage license too. On the wedding day, the maid of honour is often looked to as the peace keeper & calm bringer among other things; the MOH traditionally finds herself responsible for keeping things on track from the brides side of the wedding and ensuring that the bride is calm and everyone is getting along and staying on task on the big day.

Throughout the entire process of the engagement and eventual wedding day, the maid of honour essentially becomes the brides right-hand woman. The MOH is there to help alleviate stress, make decisions and often coordinate things for the bride where needed. There may also be additional duties a bride may ask of her MOH, including helping to pick out the wedding gown, but ultimately it really depends on the individual bride's wants and needs surrounding the wedding day and the lead up to it. The maid of honour essentially becomes a support system for the bride throughout the process of the wedding and all things involved.

What’s the difference between a maid of honour and a matron of honour?

In terms of duties and expectations, there is no difference. The only actual difference is that an unmarried woman is referred to as the maid of honour while a married woman is referred to as a matron of honour, kind of like Ms or Mrs in titles.

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Who can be a maid of honour?

The traditional answer to this generally tends to be a brides sister or closest friend, but in todays world it can be virtually anyone. It can be a family member, a friend or anyone else. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily even need to be a woman anymore, many brides have chosen a close male friend as the person next to them on their wedding day.

How Is A Maid of Honour Chosen?

This will be a huge decision for a bride at her wedding, the person chosen to be MOH is considered the person ‘closest to the bride’ to be at her side on the wedding day. With all of the responsibilities that come with being a maid of honour as well as the time and effort that will be required to put in, most brides will lean towards a family member or friend who is incredibly trustworthy, reliable and capable of working under pressure; wedding days tend to be quite hectic and take a lot of moving parts being planned out in order to run smoothly, the maid of honour will play a big role in that.

When it comes to the wedding day, the maid of honour tends to become a jack of all trades, an all-rounder who will have to help out in many ways but it's always worth it; being the support system for their closest friend creates some beautiful memories on one of the best days of a bride's life!

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