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Article: Welcome to Euphorie Studios: Our Story

Bridal consult room with a white table featuring an ATM machine, succulent plants, a water feature and a photo hanging above it. To the right of it is a white box and a tall mirror with a white skirt hanging off it

Welcome to Euphorie Studios: Our Story

We are a team of creatives with an intense love for all things wedding dresses, dress making, art and people.

Our dedicated team has been privately creating custom formal, and wedding dresses for clients and independent retailers for over 20 years under the house name Keooula, after our creative director and lead designer Keoula Wheeler.

Over the past few years, our team grew, and so did the realization our small bridal house was not the same as it used to be. Suddenly, it was no longer right to call ourselves after one individual. This birthed the creation of Euphorie Studios! Our new label now represented our team as a creative whole that values quality, authenticity, and meaningful design. The name Euphorie itself reflects our sentiment for what we do and a subtle homage to Keoula's Lao heritage, where French is commonly spoken.

Fashion designer in a white coat helping a model in a wedding gown get into position to pose

(Gown: Euphorie Studios, Photography: Nick Wheeler, Model: Serena Brookes & Keoula Wheeler)
With a growing team of designers, creative professionals and seamstresses, we are so excited to bring our collections of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses online for the first time, direct to clients around the world while still continuing to offer our custom made wedding dresses to our local Brisbane clients.
Fashion designer in a black jacket helping a model with her white wedding gown
(Gown: Euphorie Studios, Photography: Nick Wheeler, Model: Kristen Raffel & Leanne Hendrix)

We hope our website can also be a hub to promote and cultivate creative, likeminded individuals to share and experience some of our stories and benefit from a sense of community. 

Man in black taking photo of a model in a white dress using an iPhone on a photo shoot set
(Gown: Euphorie Studios, Photography: Nick Wheeler, Model: Serena Brookes & Arnold Keawsuwan )

We dream, design and create wedding dresses at our Brisbane studio for your happiest moments and hope that we can continue doing so for generations to come. 

Welcome to Euphorie Studios

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What a lovely read and a gorgeous back story

Jayon Sameeth

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