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Article: What Goes In A Maid of Honour Emergency Kit?

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What Goes In A Maid of Honour Emergency Kit?

There are so many moving parts during a wedding day that inevitable things may occasionally go wrong. No matter how much planning is carried out, there will always be a chance that things won't go the way we hope they will. The best way to help prevent this from becoming a big issue is to create a plan for when the original method doesn't work - and that's where a maid of honor emergency kit comes into play.

With the maid of honor being the closest person to the bride, both as a friend and physically on the wedding day, having an emergency kit on hand is necessary. It almost always comes in handy at some point, and even if you end up not needing it, there's no harm in keeping one nearby incase.

What is a maid of honor emergency kit?

An emergency kit for the maid of honor (or bridal party) is just a bag or pack of some sort filled with items you may need on the wedding day. It's a collection of items that all have different uses for different situations or scenarios on the wedding day. Some of these will be things such as:

Breath Mints: No one wants to be in front of a room full of people with bad breath or a dry mouth, and no bride wants her 'first kiss' to be an experience that worries her on the wedding day.

Deodorant/Perfume: Wedding days can be long and, especially in Australia, sweaty. Keeping an extra mini can of deodorant on hand for the bride and bridesmaids is a great idea. You can easily pick up a small can of most brands' deodorant from all supermarkets or gas stations. Be sure to remember to grab the bride's perfume after she's used it on the morning of the wedding and keep that in the emergency kit too!

A Lighter: It's pretty common for there to be a lot of candles on the wedding day, and let's be honest, how often have we all heard 'has anyone got a lighter?' When candles are around. Keeping one in the emergency kit is a good idea and will also come in handy if any fabrics are frayed and need to be slightly burnt at the end to stop them unraveling as a backup,

Bobby Pins: It's sporadic for your hair/make-up artist to stick around all day on the wedding day; however, it is pretty standard for the bride's hair to have a mind of its own. Keeping some bobby pins on hand is a great way to combat this.

Moisturizer: This is a must-have for the entire bridal party on the day; as humans, our skin can react in many ways during stressful times, and dry skin can be a widespread occurrence.

Medicine/First Aid Kit: Having some painkillers for headaches on the day is a must-have. Another tip we'd suggest is to check in with each member of the bridal party and see if anyone has any medicine or allergy-based items they may need handy on the wedding day so that you can potentially include these too. Having a first aid kit included is a matter of necessity too, don't forget to include this for the big day. It's always safe to be prepared.

Chapstick: A must-have on the big day. Chapstick comes in handy far more than you'd think on a wedding day.

Snacks: Some small snacks can feel like an essential when things are in full swing of craziness before the wedding, especially when you factor in the bridal party really won't get to eat until much later in the day. Don't forget to keep some bottled water too. It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated on such a hectic day.

Phone Charger: let's face it, a dead iPhone on a wedding day is a depressing thought. Pack a charger incase.

Mini Sewing Kit: Keeping a mini sewing kit on hand is a good idea for any potential mishaps or on-the-go alterations that may need to be done with your gown or a bridesmaid dress if something were to happen to it.

Super Glue: An underrated but possibly important minor object - perfect for fixing a shoe should it break or even a bouquet.

As always, you may have a few ideas of your own that we haven't included here; if so, we'd love to hear them in the comments below to help other brides in the future!

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