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Article: Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 4

draped fabric on dress form inside Brisbane bridal studio

Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 4

We get a lot of similar questions from brides through our Instagram account or in person, and every few months, we compile ones we think might be helpful for future brides, which brings us to our 4th installment of our Q&A.

Will we see the new Euphorie formal gowns in stores?

It’s unlikely we’ll stock our gowns in stores again anytime soon. In the past, we’ve stocked wedding gowns and formal dresses in stores like Gossip Gowns at Norman Park, and other stores. Ultimately, to keep prices down for brides, we prefer to offer our wedding dresses directly to you, the consumer and we can achieve this through our Brisbane showroom, where you can book in for a consult for a formal dress, made to order wedding dress, or custom made gown.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to support a wedding dress store if that’s your preference; it’s just that as a brand, Euphorie has a commitment to ethical pricing, so opting to go direct to the customer is the best way for us to achieve this!

When will we see the new Euphorie formal dress range?

2022 we hope! We’re working on fine tuning the first drop as I type this, and we’re hoping to have it out before the end of 2022. We’ve dropped collections of formal gowns over the years, but it’s been a while since our last one, we can’t wait!

Will the formal gowns be in the showroom?

They will! We’ll always keep samples in our showroom for viewings, but the dresses themselves will be made to order so that you can have your own brand new gown. These gowns will be available in limited runs to keep the exclusive Euphorie feel you’ve come to know us for.

"Will you post my wedding photos to the Euphorie Instagram account?"

A bride recently asked us a question, and with her permission, I'm going to share it word for word:

"Hey, team! I noticed that when my friend* got married, you never posted any of her photos. Would that be the same for my gown, or would it be possible to see myself on the Euphorie Instagram?"

Regarding who we post on our Instagram account, there is only ONE pre-requisite; permission. If you send us the content and permit us to repost it, we'll always share it on our Instagram. Our social media person, J, is rather passionate about championing every bride. However, some brides don't like sharing their images in public, which is totally okay! Some of us are private on social media, which was the case of the woman's friend who asked this question.

*we've removed the friends' names to protect their personal information.

When are you releasing new gowns?

We've got a new collection planned for later in the year, but we're always creating new gowns as samples at our studio. We don't always do photoshoots of them or put them on our website. Our showroom has dozens and dozens of dresses you won't see on our website that we've created as samples, passion projects, or just to stay creative!

How many people work for Euphorie?

As of writing this, August 2022, we currently employ 22 full-time staff members. These staff members cover roles such as designers, fabric cutters, seamstresses, customer care, and more.

Are you annoyed at brides who come for a consult and buy elsewhere?

Not at all! We have an ethos we've all lived by from the day we started Euphorie Studios together as a team, and it's that our only goal is for every bride to get her dream dress, regardless of where it's from or who makes it. To us, the bridal industry isn't brands competing for brides; it's all about brides having a choice of different types of gowns they want to buy or the brands they want to buy from.

We've had brides go elsewhere for dresses and still stay in contact with us years later because of that initial connection at their consultation. There are never any negative feelings or experiences of a bride opting to go elsewhere. The choice is important, and your wedding dress is a big decision to make, so always choose the brand or gown that fits your aesthetics, budget, and vibes best with you!

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