Wedding Day Makeup Artists: 8 Questions To Ask Yours

Your wedding day make up will be an important decision. However, finding the right make up artist can sometimes be a difficult task. One way to make it all easier on yourself is to come up with a list of questions you can ask potential make up artists to ensure they cover all aspects of the wedding day make up look that you’re after. 

bride having makeup applied while veil and train are being fitted on morning of wedding

Knowing how to find the right make up artist for your wedding day is important; you want everything to go as smoothly as possible so we've covered 8 questions you should keep in mind when speaking with potential vendors.

1: Ask for a portfolio or list of references & qualifications/training history

In the age of technology, it’s common place for any brand, business and even individuals to have references, google ratings and portfolios. Asking to see these prior to working with a makeup artist is important because it allows you to see what past clients have said about them. It’s also a good idea to see where or how your make up artist was trained and what experience they’ve had as well as giving you an overall picture of the differing looks the artist themselves excels at.

2: Ask for a schedule to be provided

There’s a lot going on for every single brides big day so make sure you can work out a schedule with your make up artist that works for both of you and fits in whoever will be included. Some brides may choose multiple make up artists; one for the bride, one for the bridesmaids etc. If you’re going to be using a single make up artist for all, ensure that they’ll have enough time to get everyone ready without being in an insane rush or if you’re using multiple artists then be sure to line them up schedule wise to fit the days proceedings. Asking up front how long the make up will take is definitely something we would recommend to any bride looking at make up artists.

3: Is a trial included in the cost of the package

In the lead up to your wedding day, you’ll want to do a trial run of make up to make sure it’s going to look the way you want it to. Most brides schedule this around the time they’ll pick up their wedding dress so that they can get a clear idea of how they’ll look for their day. When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, it’s easy for extra expenses to pop up out of nowhere if you don’t stay ahead of everything, so just check in with your make up artist to be sure the trial is a part of your overall package or wether it may cost more on top. It’s always a good idea to ask for an outline of the overall costs and what you’re going to get for your money.

4: Do you charge a travel fee?

Another potential extra expense that can impact your budget is travel fees that some vendors may charge. Ask your make up artist ahead of time if a travel fee will be part of their package or an extra on top. As always, it’s best to avoid any confusion by asking questions upfront.

5: What products do you use?

If you have any allergies, it’s important to convey that to your potential make up artist and be sure to ask them if any of the make up products they plan on using for your wedding day could contain anything that may impact your allergies. Not only is your health and safety the most important thing, you’ll also want to avoid any breakouts of negative skin impacts on your special day!

bridesmaid having makeup applied

6: What will happen if you can’t make it to my wedding?

Sometimes things out of our control will happen in life and no-one can predict the future, not even make up artists. Having a back up is a good plan just incase and often make up artists will have friends or colleagues in the industry that they’ll recommend in case of emergency. As a precaution, I would ask this question just to make sure everything will run smoothly, even when it doesn’t. 

7: Get to know them, even on a casual basis

Meet them in person or have phone conversations prior. Your wedding day is such a special and important day to you, it’s a day you want to celebrate with the people you love and having vendors that you get along with and will make your day run smoothly is going to be important for you. We’re all human, and we’re all different, so be sure you take some time to get to know your make up artist on a basic level to ensure you’ll have no added stress on your big day.

8: Is hair included in the package/do you do hair?

While some make up artists are trained to do hair as well as make up, many are not. It’s generally easier to have someone do both but as always, personal preference is key here. If you’re expecting your MUA to do hair too, be sure to ask if that’s something they’re capable of doing in advance so you know wether you need to find a hairstylist as well as a make up artist. Don’t forget to factor this into your budgeting and on the day scheduling.

Ultimately, being as prepared as possible helps you have the smoothest wedding day you can. Have we missed any questions you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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