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Article: 8 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

wedding dress on mannequin at bridal store with more wedding gowns on clothing racks in background

8 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

One of the most common things we hear from brides is how stressful, and time-consuming shopping for a wedding gown can be. While going the custom route takes a lot of stress out of things by allowing you to work with a designer for your dream gown, shopping for a gown off the rack gives endless options: what store do you visit? Are the prices worth it? What style of gown do you choose when there are dozens in front of you? - These reasons, and many more, tend to add so much stress to gown shopping. Today, we wanted to take you through some tips you should keep in mind before you go in search of 'the one' - your dream wedding gown.

Find Your Style (But Be Open To Advice)

While you don't have to find a specific or exact idea, using things like magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or the websites of bridal brands, you can start to get an idea of the gowns you like. Think about the style and the type of fabrics the gowns have been made out of (visually - you don't need to know the exact kind of lace or fabric used, but being able to visualize it will help a designer source the lace you might love!). Finding examples of gowns you want is essential to have all this information on hand and in your mind when you start visiting stores to buy a gown.

When you eventually start visiting bridal stores, showrooms, or wedding dress designer studios, it's essential to be open to taking advice on what may or may not work for you and your idea of a dream dress. Some aspects of a gown you're in love with may not be within your budgeted price range, or a silhouette you initially leaned towards may not work as well as another option. You don't HAVE to take this advice, but it's always good to be open to a stylist or designer's opinion.

Have A Clear Budget

Before you even start shopping, taking some time to pre-plan a budget for your wedding gown is vital to ensure you don't go over budget or spend time falling in love with a dress that's out of your price range. When you start shopping, be upfront with the stores you plan on visiting about what you're looking to spend so they can point you in the right direction!

Another important tip on the subject of budgeting is to remember the other extras you'll need to pay for, too, such as a veil, wedding shoes, possible alterations, and more.

Plan Ahead - Start Shopping Early

While our turnaround time for a gown at Euphorie Studios is typically only 4-6 weeks, the industry-standard differs quite a lot, so plan and keep in mind that it could take 6-12 months for your gown to arrive. If you need a wedding gown in a rush, be sure to reach out and ask about the turnaround time on dresses from your desired store or creator, to save you any heartache or stress around not having a gown for your special day.

Know Your Theme

When you do start browsing for gowns, it's crucial to have a rough idea of your theme so that your dress will match the wedding theme you have in mind.

Be Careful When It Comes To Sizing

Sizing can change. Different bridal stores may make or buy gowns from brands that don't share the same sizing guide. You could be a size twelve in one dress, a fourteen in another, and a ten in a different dress.

When you've found a gown, if you're buying your wedding dress off the rack, keep in mind that you may need alterations closer to the wedding day, especially if you're buying it a decent period before the wedding. One way to be sure is to buy a size up from your size. It makes bridal alterations easier to handle for a seamstress. As our Creative Director likes to say - "it's much easier to take a gown in than it is to try and take a gown out."

Feel The Fabric

When it comes to wedding gowns, you can find one that looks incredible, but the fabric may not suit what you're looking for. When you go shopping, be sure to try on the gown to get a feel for the materials they've used and how they sit on your body because it's important to remember you'll be spending all day in your gown, and you will not want to feel uncomfortable on your special day.

It's also essential to take the gown for a 'test drive' - walk around the store and see how it feels with a bit of movement when you're walking.

Stay True To You

There is a wide range of different wedding gowns out there to choose from today, so many that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, not to mention the way bridal trends chop and change. You'll hear a lot of "this is what's in right now!" - don't let this dictate your shopping experience too much; focus more on what style works for you. You're the one who has to wear it after all. If you want a tea-length wedding dress, shop for one. If you'd prefer something bohemian, search for that perfect boho dream wedding dress. Your taste and style are ultimately all that matters for your gown.

Shop Around

Don't just book in with one designer or bridal boutique. Take your team and visit a bunch of different locations, even if you think you've found the one instantly. There is too much variation to ever get a clear idea in one visit to one store, from fabrics to designs, price points to turn around time, every place will be different than the last, and we don't want you ever making a decision you'll regret.

We hope these tips are helpful for anyone about to embark on the beautiful journey of finding their dream wedding dress. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram or leave a comment here, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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