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Article: Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 5

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Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 5

Brides and brides-to-be often ask questions about all things weddings, fashion, and Euphorie, so we started our 'Q&A: Ask Euphorie' series. This is our fifth installment, covering everything from product transparency to what our showroom really is.

How do I know my dress is actually made at the studio?

There are a few ways you can get proof of this. Firstly, you can ask for constant photos throughout the making process, we typically take these anyway for our record keeping of a gown's progress, but we're more than happy to share these with you throughout the process in real-time.

What happens when I order my wedding dress online?

Suppose you're on our website and see a gown you love and would like to order, you'll reach out to the team, and one of us will take it from there. Here's a breakdown of that process, step by step:

After you've spoken to the team, they'll get your measurements and send you an order form. Once the order form has been paid, the gown goes into production with a 6-8 week turnaround time frame.

Our seamstresses will make your gown right here, from scratch, in the studio. The dress will be crafted and sent to your desired address express post for your special day.

Remember: if you want to see how your gown is made, ask the team for progress photos, they'll capture the making process of your specific dress in real-time and send you images as parts of it are done.

What's the difference between the Euphorie showroom and a store?

We do things a little differently here at Euphorie Studios. Rather than have an open store for anyone to come and visit, we have a showroom at our studio where you can book appointments for private viewings. You can come to these appointments alone or with friends, and they cost $60 (which is redeemable on a purchase of a wedding gown)

Our showroom is packed with gowns for you to try on, look at, and see up close.

It's important to us that bridal gowns remain accessible to view for anyone able to visit our studio, so you're more than welcome to reach out to a team member and book an appointment to come and try on gowns, see how we do things and get to know us a little more in person.

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