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Article: How To: Ordering A Euphorie Gown Online

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How To: Ordering A Euphorie Gown Online

Sometimes you'll see a dress and know it's 'the one,' or maybe you've tried a gown at our showroom and taken the time to think it through, deciding it is your ideal dream dress. Now that you know you want a Euphorie Studios wedding dress, and, more specifically, which one, how do you order it? This guide is here to help you along with the process.

Step 1: Contact Us

Once you've seen a dress and want to inquire about buying it, email our customer care team, and someone will contact you ASAP between 9 am-4 pm from Monday through to Friday. When you email, let our customer care team know what style you're after, and they'll walk you through it from there.

The team will always endeavor to respond to all inquiries asap; however, we are a small team, and sometimes, it can lead to minor delays on things like public holidays or weekends.

Step 2: Size & Style

Once you know what style you want, we'll help you find a size. You can use our size guide to determine your preferred size, or you can provide us with measurements so that we can suggest the optimum size for your wedding gown. You'll then be sent an invoice via our website, and your dress will go into production right here at our Brisbane studio.

Our size guide is listed on each product page as you shop. All Euphorie gowns are made strictly to this size guide to ensure fit across all gowns.

Step 3: Quality Control & Express Delivery

Once your gown is made, it goes through our strict quality control methods, where multiple team members assess the gown to ensure it meets our high-quality expectations. Once your wedding dress passes inspection, it's packaged with a complimentary Euphorie garment bag and protective packaging and then express posted directly to you.

We offer free express postage for all orders in Australia over $500. International orders incur a fee of $80 for express shipping.

Step 4: Your Dream Dress Is Officially Yours

Now the gown is yours to wear! We hope you love your dress as much as we love crafting it.

FAQs: Purchasing a Euphorie dress.

Do you ship dresses internationally?

Yes, we do! We've had brides from Canada, the U.S.A., Holland, Samoa, New Zealand, and many other places. We advise all international brides to factor in potentially longer shipping times and order earlier than a bride in Australia might if you're considering a Euphorie wedding gown.

Why don't you have a 'buy now' option?

We want your decision to be meaningful and informed, especially for something as significant as your wedding dress. If you see a dress we've made and want it to be yours; we still want you to think it through before you commit to the gown. We also want to be sure you have been given all of the relevant information to help you make an informed decision due to our dresses being made-to-order and us not offering refunds. Once you've chosen a gown, you'll have time to think it over while one of our team processes the order and sends you the invoice, just in case you change your mind and want a different dress before yours goes into production at our studio in Brisbane.

Why don't you offer 'Buy Now, Pay Later' options?

This is part of what we mentioned above: we want you to make an informed decision when you buy our gowns. Every bride has a different budget, and that's totally normal and okay! We don't want to be why a bride feels pressured into something past what they can afford, so we've decided not to offer buy now, pay later options through our platform.

What if I'm in-between sizes?

We'd suggest ordering a size up and then having alterations on your gown. However, we do always require brides to provide sizing or measurements, so we can ensure you get the best possible outcome with sizing for your dress.

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